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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The pep talk I give myself after an imperfect day (so basically every day)

Do you know what I FAILED to do today!?  I failed to talk about Constitution Day with my kids!  I also failed to watch President Nelson's BYU devotional, because honestly, I forgot about both things.

I miss home schooling because there is more time available for the things that matter MOST.
I am beginning to wonder, now that all my school aged children are in actual regular school this year, how anyone accomplishes anything this way!?  I suppose conventional wisdom (and experience) would say that having your kids home all day would make it difficult for you to accomplish anything.  But having them gone isn't a bit easier - at least when it comes to the most important things.

In my opinion, the most important things that happen in a day happen once the kids come home and the family is together.  The most important part of motherhood is interacting with and teaching my children! Yet once they come home, everything is a mad rush. Rush to activities. Rush to fulfill commitments.  Rush to make and eat dinner. Rush to read scriptures as a family. Rush to get kids off to bed.  The space between after school & bed is a mad rush! There is just so. little. time.

But since this is the position I am in right now, I will resolve to discuss Constitution Day with my kids tomorrow (maybe during dinner?) and we will find time at some point this week to watch President Nelson's devotional.  Meanwhile, I'd like to take a moment and pat myself on the back for the things I DID do today (because if I don't, who will!?):

*     I made sourdough starter waffles with freshly made whip cream for breakfast.  The kids didn't appreciate it, but it was seriously awesome - both delicious and mostly healthy!
*     I went over our finances with a fine toothed comb.  I really dug in and got it done - I crunched those numbers like a champ!
*     I took a shower!  I didn't actually do my hair, but at least I'm clean, right?
*     I made a delicious dinner from scratch.  Ok, so I do this most days.  It still counts.
*     I remembered to take a cute picture of Jason and Summer reading on the couch together.  I even took a little video!  This alone practically makes me a superhero. Ha ha ha!
*     I led what was at least a semi-meaningful discussion about the verse: "Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you." I think at least one of the kids got something out of it.
*     I did animal kisses with Brighton tonight before bed. I dread the day he decides they aren't cool any more!
*     I found the shirt Weston wants to wear tomorrow buried in the depths of the clean clothes pile, therefore relieving myself of the burden of staying up to do an extra load of laundry tonight.  I'm seriously so thrilled.  I'd probably be more thrilled if all the clothes were folded and put away already - but hey, baby steps.
*     I didn't eat after dinner. Major accomplishment (I love to snack at night)!

Aside from the fact that it is almost 1:00 AM and I still have to make kids' lunches, I'd say bravo!  Oh yeah, I didn't help anyone with homework tonight.  Darn, I was almost impressed!

"Tomorrow I will do more and be better," is sometimes the line that I use on myself.  Even though I know tomorrow will be filled with some successes and some failures, I do hope I am a little better...and that I actually do my hair.

Success is found in the honest reality of our flawed lives, as long as we are striving.  My goal is not to be perfect, as it once was.  My goal is to keep striving with a hopeful heart.  Sometimes it takes courage to keep going when constantly faced with the discouraging truth of our imperfect lives, but there really is value in pausing to appreciate the positive.  It can be brutal thinking about all that is out of our control, or all that we did not get done.  But taking a moment to applaud what we WERE able to do that day can be so liberating - even when all we can say for the day is that we survived! So give yourself a pat on the back. You did it!  Now quickly go get a few insufficient hours of sleep so you can wake up tomorrow morning and do it all again!

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j-9 knits said...

Your blog posts were very special to me, letting me share that hard time before ypur sweet mama moved on. We are truly none of is perfect, but each and every day is precious and we do firget to praise ourselves. Love you and your precious family, "aunt" Jeannine (your mama's cousin in New York)