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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weston's 5th Birthday Party

It has now been two months since Weston's birthday party, but it was such a great event that I had to blog about it...better late than never, right? Preparatiouns began weeks before the big day.  Jason began with the pinata, which was something he had never made before... as usual, I was impressed with his creativity!
It was a longer process than I thought, but well worth the end result for my ghostbusting duo...

Weston got to help near the end...

Weston wasn't overjoyed with Slimer's nose, but I thought Jason did a pretty amazing job!
He also began construction on all the proton packs well in advanced of the big day...

Weston's birthday was Friday, February 24th, but since he doesn't have school on Fridays, we came to school bearing birthday cupcakes the day before.  I made mini rice flour cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles which tasted surprisingly delicious.  Weston liked them so much that I think he ate 10 of them!
Why that kid won't look straight into the camera with a normal smile on his face is beyond me... but, it is what it is!  Here is my big birthday boy!
Weston's birthday party was Saturday, the day after his actual birthday.  Here he is, all dressed up with his daddy in Ghostbuster attire and ready to bust some ghosts...

With Jason's dad...

Demonstrating his best moves...
After friends arrived, decorating proton packs was the first activity.
 Most of the kids came to the party having never even heard of a proton pack...but once they put them on, they had no trouble getting the idea!

On the ghost hunt... their second activity was to run through the park "catching" as many ghosts as possible.  The one with the most ghosts at the end won a prize.
Next: musical chairs (to Ghostbuster music of course).  This had to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!  The way the kids danced, the way they hovered over the remaining last chair at the end... it was pure entertainment!
Sophie had a hard time comprehending that she got out, but sitting with grandma seemed to keep her happy.

The pinata turned out to be stronger than Jason intended for it to be... it took a long time to finally break, even with the fierce beating it took!

Finally, the glorious moment came and the kids swarmed around the candy in predictable fashion...

Some were more successful than others... lol!
Jason was proud of his Slimer, even after (and maybe then especially) it took a beating.
We had a friend in the ward make this fantastic cake.  It tasted as amazing as it looked!

We were very happy with how well it turned out...

How can you tell that your cake was a success? Happy frosting mouths, like the one Owen is modeling for us in this delightful little pic!
On to presents...

Yeah, you could say Weston had a pretty awesome birthday party!  The weather was absolutely perfect, he got to bust ghosts with some of his favorite buddies, play games, beat up a pinata, eat cake and get a bunch of fun stuff.  What more could a five year old boy ask for? 
And what was Sophie up to?  Well, she is a lucky girl that has some grandparents, aunts and uncles who love to love on her.  She seemed particularly happy to hang out with Uncle Trevor that day.
And at last, I got to hug my little boy... whose birth five years ago gave me the most honored position and BEST title in the whole world, for that was the day I became a mommy.