"Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely."

Monday, April 5, 2010

March Memories and Milestones

The first week in March, my brother in law, Chris, entered the MTC. My mother in law drove him up to Provo while we went to stay with the other kids at her house for a couple of days. We put Weston and Sophie on opposite ends of one king sized bed, but somehow they ended up all cuddled together... For Weston, March marked a few firsts:
1. Popping Corn the old fashioned way... or at least the way mommy did it when she was a kid! I recently learned (thank you Julie) that microwave popcorn has some kind of chemical or junk in the lining that is bad for you, so I decided to get out my mom's ancient electric popper. What fun! 2. Helping (or at least attempting to help) with the dishes. I am thankful for the sentiment. Now, if we could just match Weston's desire to help me clean the kitchen with Jason's ability...
3. Weston went from his car seat to a booster seat! It took some convincing, but after letting him choose the one he wanted (ok, so we only gave him two choices) and being reassured that dad thought it was super cool, he was sold. Isn't it great that three year olds are still young enough to value their dad's opinion above that of anyone else?4. This was his first year dying eggs for Easter, and his first year to be involved in an Easter egg hunt (at his Grandpa's house). Aunt Shae-Leigh spent a couple of days with us during Spring break, so she was involved in the egg coloring. Weston LOVES Shae-Leigh and runs around the house yelling "Aunt-ie!!" whenever she is around. Weston also got some nifty new sandals from his grandma, that he was very excited to show off:We also had a Halloween flashback. Every once in awhile, Weston discovers his Elmo costume and wants to wear it again. Sophie has had an eventful March as well. She had been getting around pretty well as it was...Then, on March 13th, she attempted her first crawl!
She didn't waste any time at all! Next thing we know, she's climbing up steps.Shortly after reaching her 7 month mark, Sophie is on her way to standing! She is one ambitious little lady. She has also been busy cutting her first two teeth and attacking/playing with her brother, who is a good sport most of the time!
This picture may not seem significant to anyone else, but it captures a look that somehow reminds me of my Grandma Knapp. There's just something about that glance...Sophie is a real charmer. I swear it almost looks like she is wearing makeup in this picture. Her rosy cheeks, naturally red lips, bright blue eyes and infectious smile are just part of the reason this beauty is absolutely irresistible!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothing but love for these two...

Five things I love about my Weston (3 years, one month, and one week old):

1. He frequently tells me I am pretty (although he does insist that he is also pretty - no matter how many times I explain that he is actually handsome!)
2. He goes ballistic whenever he sees big trucks or construction machinery out and about.
3. Whenever he sees a commercial for barbies or some other girlie thing, he gets downright upset and waves his hand in disgust at the TV while saying, "NO!" over and over again.
4. He loves to vacuum. Sometimes when there is no dirt particles in sight, he will find little bits of paper or string from another place in the house just so he can vacuum them up!
5. He LOVES Sophie, and finds every opportunity possible to blow raspberries on her tummy. Her tummy is not often available, so sometimes he blows raspberries on her arms or legs. He also gives lots of kisses!
Five things I love about my Sophie (7 months, one week, and 5 days old):
1. She is so determined and focused! She has been trying to stand up and walk since the moment she learned to crawl (about three weeks ago). She actually stood up by herself for one split second last night. I could hardly believe it!
2. She is undaunted by potential hazards. If she wants to do something, she just works at it until she gets it. She spends literally hours of each day trying to crawl up the little tile stairs that go from the living room to the kitchen.
3. She is happy! She sings and it sounds like she is purring. She has the most intense little laugh. She smiles A LOT.
4. She is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Now, I know that you love your child no matter how they look. But she is truly beautiful. Her sweetness and goodness shines in her face, lights up her perfect blue eyes, and intensifies her beauty a hundred times over. Everything about her is beautiful to me!
5. She has brought nothing but pure joy into our life from the moment she was born. Need I say more? My first impression of her, only seconds after birth, was that she was strong. Strong physically, strong emotionally, strong mentally. I've got nothing but love for this sweet baby.
Seriously, they couldn't get more adorable even if they tried. :)