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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Valentine's Party

The Friday before Valentine's Day (the 11th) we had a ward Valentine's Party. I can honestly say that I have never before attended a church Valentine's party, so I didn't have much to compare it to... but I thought it was pretty darn fun! The main event of the evening was a version of the newlywed game, with Jason as game show host. He was a real charmer - just downright funny. People were busting a gut laughing so hard!
Anyway, the theme was Sadie Hawkins. Each couple was supposed to dress up like each other. We had a good time at DI earlier that day assembling our costumes. At first we were going to be a couple from the 80's, because seriously, who doesn't love the crazy fashions of the 80's!? But that proved too difficult. I even made an appeal on facebook (barring those in my ward from seeing the post of course) and received some fantastic suggestions from people such as Cupid and Aphrodite, or Mary Poppins and Bert. My friend, Angie, suggested either being a dog and a fire hydrant or senior citizens. I wasn't too excited about the thought of being a dog OR a fire hydrant, but after surveying the situation at DI, we decided to go with the senior citizen idea. (It was the only thing we were sure we could pull off with the clothes selection there!)
But we weren't just old people, we were "active" seniors in our jogging suits and tennies. With the help of some old glasses, excessive blue eye shadow, and gray hair color, I think our ensembles actually turned out pretty cute!
What a joker...Jason as game show host:
Close up: Our costumes must have been good because when I arrived at the church (Jason went early to help set up) I couldn't find him anywhere! Turns out I just didn't recognize him...
I guess I forgot I was looking for a man with gray hair.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hoodies, Hats and Headbands

The other day while we were watching Weston ride his bike up and down the street, I went to go grab the camera so I could snatch a picture of him (you know, because it's not like I already have a zillion...). Anyway, Sophie felt a little left out, so I snapped a quick one of her also. I can't pinpoint why, but I think she resembles me quite a bit in this picture... which makes me feel good because most people tell me that she looks just like Jason. Something about that expression just makes her seem so grown up, too! And who doesn't love a cute little hoodie pic?
Sophie is a HUGE fan of my headbands... she is always trying them on, which I don't mind one bit. It keeps her out of trouble! By the way, she looks very much like me when I was a baby in this one too. (Seriously, who wouldn't want to take some serious credit for those irresistible looks??)
She also loves hats...I love her demure, feminine pose here. Yes, she's definitely a hat girl!