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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Piano Man

We have noticed since birth how much Weston LOVES music. He'll dance to anything from random commercials on TV to cell phone rings. One of his favorite things is to "play" the piano. Here is a recent video we took of him playing the piano with Grandma. The video is a *little* bit long, but well worth watching to the end. Just watching the clip with me gets him all worked up again, giggling and clapping. What a cutie!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Starting off with a bang!

Our 4th of July party was such a blast that I decided it was high time we started our own family blog - you know, so we could show off the cool fireworks display that Jason put together for us!

Can you tell which fireworks didn't pass inspection!?!?

Weston was mesmerized by the fireworks and had a ball playing with the other kids.

Why does that blow torch look so natural in his hands???

The little man is on the go!

Weston definitely knows a cute girl when he sees one, although he didn't seem thrilled about being bonked in the head!