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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We will wonder no longer...

Today was the all important 18 week ultrasound in the which I am assured that my baby's vital organs and body parts are all forming correctly...and when, of course, I am able to determine the gender of my developing baby. But as everyone knows, the baby must cooperate and be in the right position for any body parts between the legs (or lack thereof) to be visible. So, were we successful in determining the sex? The following conversation sums up the answer to that question nicely:
Me: "Weston, do you want to see the ultrasound pictures of the baby that I got from the doctor's office today?"
Weston: "No thanks, mom. I already know what a penis looks like."
After making this comment, Weston proceeded to explain (in some detail, I might add) just exactly what a penis looks like. Thanks for the anatomy lesson, dude!! I also found it rather hilarious that he thought the only picture I had was of the baby's "privates." What kind of a perv does my 5 year old think I am!? Fortunately, he is still ever so innocent... and I did eventually interest him in viewing the pictures of his little brother-to-be.
Here is the view of his, um, manhood:
And a pretty nice straight-on face shot where you can clearly make out one of the eyeballs:

Legs and feet:

Little baby feet!

Here you can see the top of the baby's head along with his hands and feet.  The hand on the bottom is clenched into a fist.

This was the least blury profile pic:

I'm going to interpret this last one as the baby telling me he's number one, although it also looks a bit like he's pretending to shoot a gun (like little boys do). 
When we had the mid-pregnancy ultrasound with Weston, it looked like he was pointing at us with both of his index fingers, kind of like, "hey mom and dad, I'll be out soon!"  In fact, what looked like index fingers to us were actually middle fingers... as soon as that reality sunk in, my first thought was, "oh no, he is already just like Jason!"
We are super excited about our son-to-be, and look forward to discussing arguing over a name for the next several months!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ghostbusters, cuddle bugs, and Jedi

One of the things I was most excited about when I was pregnant with Sophie was the prospect of Weston having someone to play with.  Never did I imagine that they would be ghostbusters together!

As you can see, Weston really has his moves down...

Sophie doesn't have many ghostbuster moves, but she sure has got the look.  I particularly love the residue of strawberries on her face!
There was a period of time when I was so exhausted (and I guess Jason was too), that we didn't even notice the kids (usually just one or the other) crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night.  One morning, we woke up to both of them cuddled in our bed!

So cute!
During the months of morning sickness, I wasn't as vigilant about making sure the kids were properly dressed (well, you know, until we left the house of course).  One day I found them hanging out in the back yard this way, just chillin' on top of our water barrels engaged in some sort of silly conversation (which has since escaped my mind).  I particularly like Sophie's ensemble: Weston's sweat pants, a Disney princess pajama top, and heels!
I love that they are such good friends.
Lately, Weston has discovered the awesomeness that is Star Wars.  This light saber is his favorite toy, by far (at least for the time being)!
And of course if Weston is into it, so is Sophie.  She wants to be Princess Leah - not just for Halloween, but on most days.  Recently when we were visiting my brother's ward, she told the nursery leader there that her name was Princess Leah.  After being asked again, she finally conceded that her name was Sophie... Sophie Rapunzel, that is!

Who can complain?  I have my very own pair of Jedi in the house!


We were invited to a special Easter egg hunt with Joe, an older gentleman that works with Jason. He and his wife were helping out with their church Easter festivities anyway, and since they can't ever take their own grand kids to such events (because they live out of state), they were excited to have us come... well you know, at least the kids! Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty bad the day of the Easter egg hunt, so Jason and the kids went without me.

All excited for the hunt to begin!

Waiting in line to retrieve a prize...

Pretty excited about something...
Could it be the hot pink paint that got streaked in Sophie's hair?
Sophie was happy to have Joe as her egg-finding helper! 

The kids came home with some pretty awesome little toys and prizes... all which have since broken, of course.  But it sure was a fun adventure for them!  Weston was particularly thrilled with a little miniature skate board.  You would have thought that thing was the coolest toy on earth!

On Easter morning (the next day), I didn't have any trouble snapping happy pictures of Sophie, who discovered the movie Tangled in her basket.  She had been asking for that movie multiple times a day for many long weeks.
Weston was a bit more of a challenge.  He had been rebellious leading up to Easter (with full knowledge that the contents of his Easter basket would be a reflection of his behavior), so he only found a note in his basket that morning.  The note was from a compassionate Easter bunny who was sad to inform him that he had lost his basket this year.  I felt like crying, too, when I saw how devastated he was.  I was in the depths of morning sickness, lying miserably in bed.  I finally convinced him to come cuddle up with me so that I could comfort him. 
Sometimes consequences are as painful for the parents as they are for the kid!
Fortunately, kids are resilient.
I was finally able to get some semi-smiles out of Weston.

There's that goofy sad face (why does he do that!?)

Okay, here we finally have an actual, genuine smile!
After church we had our good friends, the Terry's, over for Easter dinner (which Jason made, of course).  Miraculously, I started to feel pretty decent and even ate a ton of food!  It was an absolutely wonderful day, and I was so grateful for the unexpected and glorious reprieve from morning sickness.  We always have fun when the Terry's come over.  It was a lovely Easter!

Monday, June 18, 2012


This is the first year that Weston has been old enough to participate in primary sports. In the beginning of March, t-ball began.  

Weston was excited to play with his friends, and I have to say that I quite enjoyed the lovely Spring air and visiting with the other moms!

None of them really knew what they were doing, but they sure did have fun.  Watching them was rather entertaining!

Listening attentively to one of their coaches...

Owen, one of Weston's best buddies, really liked the camera...every time I tried to get a picture of the two of them, he would jump in front of Weston!  I finally got one where you can at least see both of their faces...(ha ha ha!)
Another coach helping Weston warm up before he goes up to bat...

Looking pleased with himself...
Sophie was never bored... she spent most games either with grandpa or Sandy (Owen's mom), who she loves.  Who can blame her?

Weston also looked forward to seeing grandpa (who came to every single game) and took every chance he could to escape from playing for a moment to say hi and eat a snack (you know, because the game was so strenuous)!

Did I mention that Jason was one of the coaches?

This last picture is before a game...I think the kids were just being silly and pretending to sleep.

Jason and I both really like baseball, so we were happy Weston at least had the chance to begin understanding the game... and I think we all look forward to doing it again next year!