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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Three Golden Secrets

The other day it just struck me how handsome my Weston is! I never seem to get good pictures of him because he is always making silly faces at the camera, but the other day I finally did - not that they are exactly serious! But, they realistically capture his adorable personality. 
In recent weeks, I was also finally able to solve a mystery about Weston.  You see, he has been asking me for quite some time (months) if I had any secrets when I was his age, and if so, what were they?  Well, of course I really don't remember many details about my secretive kindergarten he just kept asking!  Realizing that he, himself, had secrets, I tried to find out what they were...but with little success.  
They did eventually come out...and though he was reticent at first, now he wants to tell them to EVERYONE!
The funniest part is that he still refers to them as secrets even though he talks about it them quite a I finally decided to take a video of him sharing his "three golden secrets."  Fun stuff! I posted the video at the bottom of this post...

Friday, April 5, 2013

My favorites...

At the beginning of February my dad came to visit for a week. It was such a great week together! I have yet to blog all about his visit, but I did want to post some of the beautiful family pictures that we had taken while he was here. I had pictures scheduled for February 8 - Brighton's 2 month birthday. Of course it was absolutely FREEZING that day, but seeing how adorable the pictures of my dad with the kids turned out, I think it was worth it!
Weston, our handsome first-born:
Sophie, our little sass-master, and a truly girly girl:

She was the coldest of all...fortunately we had Weston's Spider Man blanket with us...

Our irresistibly sweet Brighton:

Aren't they a cute bunch?

Pictures with grandpa:

How awesome is this one?

Although Jason thinks this picture makes him look like a psycho that is squeezing me just a little too hard, I like it.
I love this picture of them huddled together...