"Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doin' his business like a real man

I have only half heartedly attempted to potty-train Weston so far... I really don't think he's ready yet, but he does have some interest. So, a couple of times a day we sit on the potty, particularly when I think he might be about to do his business.
Usually, he doesn't have the patience to sit there long enough to actually go. That is, until yesterday. I gave him a magazine to look at, in an attempt to keep him sitting there for a few extra minutes... and it worked! The only problem was, he didn't want to get off the toilet. I love this first picture, because of the intent look on his face, as though he were actually reading!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sidewalk Artistry

The other day we got out the sidewalk chalk that Aunt Shae-Leigh gave Weston for his birthday. After a few minutes of drawing flowers and other girlie things (I guess I never learned how to do man-doodles), Weston had already lost interest.
Then, along came daddy (who was home for lunch), and boy did they have a good time drawing cars together...
The finishing touches...
Looking with satisfaction at their masterpiece...
Giving Daddy a kiss before he left to head back to work...
I love moments like these... they make things like unmopped floors and piles of laundry seem a little less important!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The White Cat

A lot of stray animals have gravitated to my mom's house over the last 12 or so years since she has lived in Las Vegas. The only ones that have stayed permanently are two dogs that live in the back yard, and the white cat in the front. We tried naming him several times, but no name would ever stick. Nothing sounded just right, so to this day we still call him "white cat" or of course, "kitty," which is slightly more endearing.
And even though the white cat proved to be a disturber rather than a friend to the indoor cat, Cleo, we never had the heart to get rid of him because he showed up about the same time that Jason did.
I had just graduated from BYU and had temporarily moved home. My husband-to-be started coming around shortly thereafter, and since he turned out to be such a great thing, it just seemed like bad form to get rid of the cat whose random arrival seemed to mystically coinside with that of Jason's.
Three and a half years later, Weston seems to have a pretty good friendship with the white cat. In fact, he is the only cat that doesn't run away in a mad fury when approached by Weston. I think it's kind of sweet!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is it about cupcakes?

I haven't eaten a cupcake in probably 15 years, and I'm sure I haven't even thought of cupcakes since the last time I ate one... until recently.
Two oddly simultaneous phenomina have occured in the last couple of months:
1) An intense longing for the luscious little treats (perhaps pregnancy induced?)
2) A HIGH frequency of cupcakes offered at social gatherings.
Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my butt and thighs), I am unable to eat cupcakes due to my wheat allergy... which as you can imagine makes these cravings all the more maddening!

For example, last Saturday I attended a lovely Stake enrichment activity. Afterwards, what do you suppose was served for refreshments? A random sampling of desserts where at least I stand the chance of endulging in a non-wheat creation like rice crispies treats or even (now I'm really dreaming) fudge? Nope.

It was ALL cupcakes...every kind you could imagine. Tables and tables and tables of them!
Then later when I layed my eyes on the irresistably yummy cupcake display that my friend, Shannon, made for her daughter's birthday party, I could no longer bear the temptation alone. It was then that I knew I needed blogotherapy.
And that is why you're reading about it today! (Unless of course you got bored and stopped reading by now.)
I can always cling to the possibility that a wheat-free cupcake mix eventually shows up at the health food store. Or, perhaps the need will simply pass once this baby is born. Until then, I will assuage my longing with blogotherapy and maybe some choco-therapy. (I know there's some see's candy in the freezer somewhere...)

People Are Strange

I'm sure this title is not surprising to any of you, since your life's experiences (like mine) have most likely illustrated this reality over and over again.
While people like this guy are a great reminder of our human capacity for weirdness, I've got something different (and a little less funny) on my mind...

What never fails to baffle me is the way people get all freaked out over one thing, when there is almost always something FAR WORSE going on at the same time that receives virtually no attention at all.

I have two specific examples, both rather contraversial...

The first is Octamom... that is what they call her, right? Now I'm not saying that she isn't strange herself, but the outrage over her giving birth to eight babies that she can't afford to care for seems a little shallow when you consider the millions of children born each year into poverty, where the mom is living on welfare and barely surviving. Seriously, this is a huge problem in our country. The answer isn't to ship all the kids away to the foster care system where they would get 3 different families by the age of two, which is what some people are vigorously insisting upon. Children are often born into less than ideal situations, but the alternatives are ugly too! So all the upset about octamom, in my opinion, should redirect us as a society to look at the bigger picture. What is the compassionate and correct way to deal with the rediculous number of children born into the welfare state?

Personally, I am far more upset about the fact that my tax money is being used against my will to fund abortions all around the world. If it were up to me, I'd rather my tax money be used to help children, just like those of Octamom, who clearly are going to need it. Why should children be punished because there mom is a nut? At least she's a nut that loves her kids. Enough said.

The second is this whole freak out over the AIG executive bonuses. Again, this is certainly something that tax payers should be upset about... but in my opinion, people are missing the point! I am FAR angrier about the fact that over $90 billion of the bailout money given to AIG has been funneled into European banks. So all that taxpayer bailout money is not even going to help the United States... why is no one investigating this? And why does no one seem to care that it was the GOVERNMENT that insured by law, that AIG would receive all those millions in "bonus money?" It was written into the stimulus bill , and yet now all these law makers are enraged by it. Doesn't that seem fishy to you? All I'm saying is that there is a bigger picture... there is always a bigger picture. Personally, I think we need to stop all this bailout madness anyway. Everyone is starting to think they deserve a bailout, and that is a dangerous attitude!

To sum up, people are indeed strange. If you're going to be outraged, just take a moment to look at the bigger picture... you know, so you can be outraged about something even BIGGER!!! :)

Just to end on a happy note, I'll share this quote from president Reagan: "All great change in America begins at the dinner table." I certainly believe this to be true. And it makes me feel good to hear it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Not so bad

It was just a normal afternoon, until suddenly I had the thought, "boy, I sure am getting a lot done right now!" Of course, the next thought was, "Oh no, where is Weston?"
It was quiet, that was the first clue. I headed straight for his room. Not there. Oh, but he does love to hide in the closet... nope, not there either.

Where could that stinker be?

I went to the kitchen, living room, and office... all empty.
Fortunately, the guest bathroom was empty too. (I was really hoping he wasn't playing in the toilet, something that fortunately has only happened once that I am aware of)
I cautiously approached our bedroom. The door was open... and I though I saw something behind it.
Sure enough, there was Weston in his clever little hiding place, clothes removed, gleefully chewing almost an entire pack of gum! I couldn't really get mad, because it was so funny! I have been trying to teach him that we DO NOT under any circumstance swallow gum. He obviously learned the lesson, because there were several freshly chewed up pieces of gum laying around him on the floor. I got a kick out of it and thought to myself for a moment about how much I could get done around the house if I just gave him several packs of gum and let him do this all afternoon...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday at the park

I know sometimes I am behind on my posts, but this is just a little bit rediculous! Weston's birthday was about 10 days ago. We had a great little party at the dinasaur park, which was tons of fun. Seriously, I love this park! Kids always have fun there, and it really is a beautiful place to spend the morning...or afternoon.
Here are some pictures (along with my unending commentary... in case you hadn't noticed, brevity is not my strongsuit!)
Here the kids are throwing pop-its on the ground... amazing how such a small thing can bring so much excitement!
Awaiting the birthday song...Lighting the candles...Blowing out the candles... Enjoying the "cake cones." Jason and I thought we were so creative with this idea, but apparently the idea has been around a long time... we had just never heard of it before I guess. Kids aren't so concerned with originality though, so they loved them!Opening presents...All the kids were interested in this puzzle... Playing... Weston must have stayed in this car for 45 minutes. He just did not want to get out! Justin made it pretty exciting for him:
It isn't quite as easy to move on your own (as Weston found out)...Playing in the sand pit... Justin and Anna (attempting to crawl out)...
All in all, it was a very fun day! We stayed at the park for several hours, until mommy thought she could live without food no longer... then headed straight to Cafe Rio!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

if you need a chuckle...

I have yet to post the many cute pictures from Weston's big birthday, but until I have time, I just had to share this HILLARIOUS youtube video of a cute 7 year old named David after visiting the dentist: