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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Desert Snow makes for a Merry Christmas!

Even though it's been a whole week since it snowed, the turn in weather really perked me up and made everything feel like Christmas... here are a couple of pictures of the snow at my mom's house. This first one is my favorite. I had just been thinking how one of the blessings of living in Las Vegas during the month of December is that the roses are still blooming!! Weston just loves smelling the roses at Grandma's house.
I think this is the first time I've ever seen snow stick to the ground in Vegas. What fun! Ironicallly, I left house wearing sandals that day. :) Needless to say, I was slipping around a bit.

Weston loves to be outside, rain, snow or otherwise!And to think, just a week and half before the snow, we had this bright and sunny picture taken for our Christmas cards:I hope that each of you has a lovely, memorable, and joy filled holiday tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I want to send you a card!

To all of my lovely blogging friends, I would love to send you a Christmas card!
Please leave me a comment with your address so that I can...
And yes, I do realize it is a bit late - but better late than never, right?

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Skill # 3678

Who knew that getting in and out of the tub could be SO much fun? Weston discovered this skill yesterday, after his bath (but before dressing - obviously).
Today one of the first things he did was head for the tub. After a couple of minutes in there, he realized that it really isn't as exciting without the water. Go figure!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Athletic Shopping

Athletic Shopping should be a competitive event. I think it would be great for teenagers. You could put them in a store, preferably a department store with lots of sections, some full of breakable items. Each teenager would be in charge of one toddler, preferably a tired one - tired and all wound up. They would be given a list of items to find, all very specific so that it takes a good hour to complete without kids.
Then, anyone who completed the event successfully without injuring their assigned toddler (or anyone else's) could be a winner...

Forget safe sex. They wouldn't even want to take the risk after that experience. I think it would be an effective method of promoting abstinence.

Has anyone else had any insane shopping trips lately with their little one(s) besides me???
I think I ran like 20 laps around Steinmart yesterday chasing Weston! You know it's bad when your mom suggests getting a babysitter before shopping together next time! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving: The Perfect Getaway

We went up to Bear Lake with my mom where we spent 3 perfectly relaxing days at my brother's house.
Here are some of the highlights, in count-down fashion:

10. Seeing Weston all bundled up in his warmie clothes. I realize this is just a chore to those of you in colder climates, but coming from Las Vegas it was actually a treat to do all that bundling. 9. Picking out our Christmas Trees. I love this tradition!!8. Riding Horses. It was Jason's first time ever, and he had a good time. I don't think he was even nervous.
And for me - getting BACK on the horse! I've had a couple of scarey experiences that have left me a little skittish about horses. I've managed to avoid it the last few times we visited, but this time, something said "just do it." Oh yeah, that something was actually a someone: my hubby. But honestly, I'm glad he and my brother encouraged me. The funniest thing about riding horses is that they say if you feel nervous the horse can sense your hesitation. So then you feel even more nervous because you know you have to supress the nervous feeling. It's pretty much a vicious cycle!
I am happy to say that I was more comfortable this time than ever before in my life - and instead of relief washing over me the moment I dismounted, I actually felt disappointed to get off! I know, not my best side:7. The Farming Game.
This game is so fun. Don't let the hokey title fool you. I've been telling Jason about it ever since we got married... I had built the game up so much that I figured by the time we got around to playing it, there is no way it could meet his expectations - but I was wrong!
6.Iron Man, the movie.
Certainly not the best part of the trip, but probably the biggest surprise: I LOVED IT!! (Do you suppose Robert Downey Jr. had anything to do with that?)
5. Weston warmed up to Uncle Mike... finally! The first night he cuddled up on his lap and stayed there for a good 20 minutes. We could hardly believe it, because that is something that he rarely does even with us! He also let him carry around when he was tired:
He also had a blast with Aunt Carrie... they cooked together and she even let him "drive" the truck.
4. Working the cows. I honestly enjoy it. We always have a good time, although it was a bit less eventful than usual this time without any castrations or branding to do. To be honest, I was relieved there were no castrations to watch, although I think Jason really found that part fascinating in the past. (for those animal lovers out there who are tempted to think ill of us, let me assure you that it is not as brutal as it sounds - when you do it young enough, they don't even act like they're in pain.)
3. Weston made friends with the dogs - finally! He didn't want anything to do with them until the last day, but once he decided they weren't so bad, he couldn't get enough of them!!
2. Sweet moments with the little munchkin 1. Incredible, phenominal food. It was almost all Carrie. She did such an awesome job. Every meal was divine, making our vacation complete! Mom did a beautiful job decorating our table for the Thanksgiving Feast too:

Just looking at all that good food makes me hungry again... I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful too!