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Friday, July 11, 2008

Starting off with a bang!

Our 4th of July party was such a blast that I decided it was high time we started our own family blog - you know, so we could show off the cool fireworks display that Jason put together for us!

Can you tell which fireworks didn't pass inspection!?!?

Weston was mesmerized by the fireworks and had a ball playing with the other kids.

Why does that blow torch look so natural in his hands???

The little man is on the go!

Weston definitely knows a cute girl when he sees one, although he didn't seem thrilled about being bonked in the head!


i said...

WELCOME to blogland. so excited to have you aboard!!!!

Karen said...

Michelle, I saw your comment on Amy's blog. You may not remember me after all these years. It was so nice to see a picture of you looking as beautiful as ever on your new blog. Welcome to the blogging world!!

Amy said...

Michelle, I am so glad you left a comment! Of course I remember you! Matter a fact, I saw someone with the last name of Knapp on a blog and thought of you a couple months ago. I love this blogging stuff, it is so much fun to see what all of us old folk are up to these days. Your son is adorable! Welcome to the blogosphere! I am going to link you so I can check back and see how you are doing (if that is okay).

Miss Ashley said...

Love the blog!

Kim D said...

Yay! You joined the bloggers...not me yet...facebook is enough for right now! Your little guy is such a cutie!!! I miss you Michelle!!!

Kim Dunn

Courtnie said...

Hey Michelle!
Happy to see your blog. Isn't blogging great? It will be fun to check up on you now and then!

jenica said...

yay! it looks like you had a great time! i didn't even know fireworks were legal at all in vegas. ;-D


~me~shaez~ said...

hey michelle bean and jason i have a acount