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Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandpa's Easter Visit

The kids were excited for Grandpa (Jason's dad) to come over on Easter. They haven't seen him since February, so they went a little nuts showing off and vying for his attention. I'm sure it was just terrible for him (*nudge nudge, wink wink*)!After dinner, Grandpa went out to his car to bring in a little surprise for the kids. They waited on the couch by the front door, peeking out the front window with eager anticipation of what might be coming their way!He first brought in this box, which turned out to be a prank gift. Weston's reaction was priceless (as shown by video below).

On to the real gifts...You'll notice that Weston is much happier now!Sophie was pretty much thrilled with her Elmo phone. The main gift that Jason's dad brought for the kids was front row tickets to go see Sesame Street live and also special tickets to MEET Elmo before the show! They don't yet grasp how awesome this gift really is, but they are going to have the time of their lives actually going. I'm kind of excited to meet Elmo too... I wonder how tall he is?On to the Easter egg hunt... the funniest part was watching Sophie. She was so ambitious and fast! Weston, on the other hand, seemed to not see eggs right in front of him. It was pretty comical. The kids had a little Easter egg hunt at my mom's house a couple of days earlier, and it was the same thing there, too. She had been concerned that Sophie wouldn't get enough eggs, but that concern quickly melted away. Sophie has always been a real go-getter though, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised!Here I am giving Weston some hints to help him find the egg right in the basket ball hoop, and he's giving me this funny look!They ended up very happily since they both made out like bandits! Here's Weston enjoying one of his eggs with Grandpa.Sophie examining her loot... they both got Jelly Belly jelly beans (the only true and living jelly beans if you ask me!), gummy bears, gum, and money for their piggy banks. Sophie got some chap stick, and Weston got a couple of match box cars. I'd say they did pretty well!Yeah, it was a pretty great time. This was Weston's expression when he opened one of his eggs. I honestly don't remember what was in that particular one, but he was obviously happy about it!


Courtnie said...

Lexi was pretty competitive about the egg hunt too. But she is competitive about everything.

Looks like they had fun, and the expression on Weston's face with the lovely bow he got reminds me a bit of how Kenny would look, although I think Weston did remarkable well at being polite!

Oh, and is that a Spider Man egg I see in Weston's basket? :)

Jolee B. said...

Love it! The video is hilarious! :)

Megan said...

Grandparents are the BEST!!! My mom and Jim put together a huge Easter package for Camryn and Tamsin, and Jim even wrote special messages in each Easter egg for his girls. He loves being a grandpa.

Hey--we're going to be in Vegas the last week of May (I believe) for a conference. Would you and Jason be up for a visit then? I'll have the exact dates soon--we'll have a car and would love to meet up with you for lunch or something!