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Monday, November 7, 2011

Weston's First Primary Program

The primary program this year was highly anticipated... by me! It was Weston's first year to participate, and we practiced every day for his line in the program, "the scriptures talk about Jesus." He often (jokingly) would replace the word 'Jesus' with other words so as to say things like, "the scriptures talk about motorcycles!" That seemed to be his favorite variation. I was actually a little nervous about what would come out of his mouth when he got up there in front of everyone, but he pulled through and spoke the correct words clearly into the microphone! While the majority of the kids sang, Weston and the other Sunbeams mostly just wiggled around without singing. One girl played with her necklace the entire time, while another appeared to be dancing. Weston dealt with the situation (the situation being that he and the other 3 and 4 year olds didn't really know the words to the songs) by yawning excessively. He seriously just stood there yawning for the entire duration of the program almost! It was hilarious! I guess it was better than what his teacher said he did during the practice a couple of days prior... apparently he was chewing on the collar of his shirt. I imagine that time it was out of sheer boredom. Anyway, it was Weston's first time wearing a white shirt and tie, and he looked especially handsome... so of course I snapped a few shots that morning before church. I would like to point out that I diligently tried to get a picture of both Weston and Sophie looking happily in the same direction at the same time, but I'm afraid I didn't succeed this time. At any rate, they looked pretty cute! My mom, Jason's dad and his brother (Ryan) came to church to see Weston, so that made the day extra special! Oh, and in case you're wondering, I have no idea what Weston is doing in this first picture.

Cheeeeeesy grin...


Megan said...

Those are the cutest pictures EVER!!! And Karl likes to report that during his youngest brother Colin's first Primary Program, the little girl standing above and behind Colin reached over and put her entire skirt over his head! She left it there for a minute, then lifted it off, and Colin's face as he emerged looked quite disoriented and a bit sadder but wiser. Poor guy. :)

Courtnie said...

Your kids look fantastic and cute. :) And they kinda match too, don't they?

At least he wasn't picking his nose the entire time! :) As far as I know, Lexi didn't do anything unusual during the primary program this year. Oh course, I couldn't see her since I am always the pianist! And Carl couldn't come that day because somebody (don't remember who) was sick.

Anyway, I love you Michelle! You're a great friend and a great mom. Just wanted to tell you that. :)