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Monday, February 13, 2012

this morning

This morning while I was helping Weston get ready for school, Sophie saw her moment and jumped into his bed to cuddle with his "Ray puppet." The Ray puppet is a highly coveted item, but it is actually not a puppet at all. It is one of those stuffed characters you can get with the claw machine at grocery stores. Ray Stance is Weston's favorite ghostbuster, which makes the "Ray puppet" extra special! So, like I mentioned, Sophie saw her opportunity and pounced. She was rather content snuggled up with Ray and her sock monkey...until Weston came along!
Fortunately, Weston is a sweet boy (most days), so he took the opportunity to snuggle with both the Ray puppet and Sophie.
As a side note, those ghostbuster toys that are available only through claw machines are so popular with Weston that he is currently working on memorizing the 10 commandments so that he can earn a Slimer "puppet!"
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
While Weston was at school, I was completely focused on reading something. Suddenly I realized that Sophie was singing the alphabet song by herself! The tune wasn't all there, but she said every single letter perfectly. I am so impressed with her! She's not even two and a half yet. Here is her glorious singing debut:

That's my girl! (In case you're wondering, I do usually do something with her hair... it's not usually quite this crazy!)


Lori said...

Very impressed! What a sweet "baby" girl!

i said...

Messy hair is real. I love it. What an adorable pair!!!

The Kammeyers said...

Love the new blog background, Michelle, love the updates on your cute kiddos, and as always, love catching up on how you are doing! :) Glad life is treating you well!