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Friday, December 11, 2015

This lil' wild one

Brighton just turned 3 on December 8th.  I thought I should record some facts about him as he begins a new year of life:

1. He often puts his underwear on backwards
2. He always says, "way go!"  What he means is, "there you go!"
3. He loves to flex his muscles and, in a semi-grunting manly voice tell us that he is "Strong!"  But actually, it sounds more like he is saying "frong," because anything with an "s" sounds like an "f." Just don't ask him to say truck...
4. He loves the Hulk even though he has never seen the Hulk in any movie.
5. His nick name is Bri Bri.
5. He gives such strong hugs that sometimes it hurts.
6. He gives very wet kisses! He also LOVES to give me Eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses, too.  I feel special, because he reserves these kinds of kisses only for his mommy.
7. He loves to wield knives and cut things. About 6 months ago I had to hide all the sharp knives, but that doesn't stop him from using butter knives to cut tomatoes or cheese, or anything he can get his hands on (maybe he'll be my sous chef in a few years)!
8. He has unusual balance and LOVES to climb. He also like to challenge himself physically and jump from high places.
9. Brighton says everything with great enthusiasm.  And he talks a lot!
10. When he is in a snuggly mood, we all enjoy the moment.  We know it won't last for long!  This kid is almost always on the go.

10. He likes to pretend to be a cat or dog, and often tries to lick us.  He thinks it is hilarious to tease us all with that slobbery tongue! 
11. He is a mischevious stinker, but he is so darn cute that Weston and Sophie readily forgive even his most egregious offenses! I mean really, who can resist that precious little face!?

12. Brighton has a BYU shirt that he LOVES to wear.  He calls it his B-I-U shirt, but ever since we started learning vowels, he calls it his "B-I-U and sometimes Y" shirt.
13. He is a serious sugar addict.  He will climb up the cupboards just to find some sprinkles and eat them all! There are no means beneath him, if the end result is sugar (much to my aggravation)!
14. He likes to take off his clothes, especially when it is hot (then again, who doesn't)?

14. Although he is quite a little rascal, he sits very still when he's getting his hair cut.  He is also still and obedient while having his picture taken - at least most of the time!
15. He is really into Ghostbusters. Sometimes he sings the Ghostbuster theme song for hours and hours.  We'll be at the grocery store, and suddenly he'll bust out with: "I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!!"
15. If Sophie is doing it, Brighton wants to do it too! 
16. He really likes spray bottles...probably because he knows he is forbidden from touching them - I could write an entire blog post on the disasters resulting from him spraying things all over the house (hair spray, paint, air freshener, etc).  He knows he is going to get it when he is caught, so he is creative about hiding once he knows I'm on to him!  Here, he is hiding in a big laundry hamper.

 16. He LOVES his big brother and sister and is proud of being a big boy.  He can certainly hold his own!

 17. Even though I love pictures with my "baby," there are very few that don't end up looking awful - like this one where he isn't smiling and I'm sporting an extra chin due to the bad angle!

 Jason has had a little more luck, but only because I am the picture taker in the family!!

We are all so thankful this sweet, wild boy!

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Lisa said...

I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting! They're all so adorable!