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Friday, August 1, 2008

our electronic "woobie"

Just to start out, I have to know, do people still use the term "woobie?" It has been so long since I've heard it that I had to actually look it up to make sure it wasn't just a figment of my imagination! The exact definition, according to a highly respected source (a.k.a. whatever random website popped up first in a google search) is: Something very precious and snuggly, like a bunny wunny or baby bankie. Another states that a woobie is a beloved object, often carried around for extended periods of time.
From my observation, most small children have one. They carry around some kind of worn out blankie or stuffed animal or dirty sock (just kidding), and when they are upset, it brings them comfort. Well, Weston has never had anything of the sort. He never even wanted a pacifier.
Then, just this afternoon I had a realization. I was putting Weston down for a nap when I noticed he was "cuddling" something... something hard and shiny that he seems to love more than anything.
It was a phone.
That is when it occured to me that phones - especially of the cell variety - are like his woobie!! A phone can always bring him comfort and happiness when nothing else will, and although it's not cuddly like a "bunny wunny or a baby bankie," it is, to him, a beloved object that he definately carries around for extended periods of time. But, what really sealed the deal is when he cuddled himself to sleep with one.
Due to the fact that nothing calms him down quicker than a cell phone in-hand, Weston has acquired a few of his own. That's right, because he has broken them and they are now of no use to those of us who actually call people on the phone. (Although that is not completely accurate come to think of it because Weston has been known to dial a few numbers!)
At any rate, here are a couple of cute pics of Weston with his beloved electronic "woobies"

Chillin' with Grandma (and her phone) to the left.

Cuddling with Auntie Shae-Leigh, his favorite balloon (well, it was his favorite that day), and of course, Uncle Trevor's phone.

He's really telling them how it is in this pic!

A lot of times he'll hand the phone to us and want us to play along. Jason usually starts carrying on a conversation that he says is with a "cute girl baby" who would like to speak with Weston.


Courtnie said...

Hey Michelle (my belle)!
Yeah, the asthma was the dumps. And I also have a thing against taking meds, if I can help it. We are probably gonna move because I think it is mold that did it to me. Didn't you have problems in Glenwood due to mold?
Kenny is five months now, and such a big boy! And so sweet too!
~ Courtnie
P.S. I am not surprised about Westons "woobie". Seems to be your woobie too! :) ha ha!

i said...

What a little techie!! So cute! In a prayer, Justin once said, "Thank you I get to Cuddle w/ my transformer when i sleep." I don't get it...must be a guy thing!