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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

18 months!

So, Weston actually hit his 18 month mark on August 24th... exactly a month ago today!! But I wanted to at least post a few cute shots of the little guy around his birthday. Here are a few of his favorite things:


"reading" and sometimes tearing out favorite pages (we're working on that one!)

The monkey (that he doesn't know is actually a leash!)

yelling - or shall we say more accurately, "hooting"

doing the "shocked" expression

pretending to be shy

posing for the camera and charming us all

talking on the phone - or on two at a time if at all possible

The 24th of August happened to be a Sunday... here we are getting him all spiffied up for church and his first "official" day in the nursery.
It has been an eventful month... he's still not used to nursery but he's getting a little better each week.
For the record, here are a few of his favorites (this is so I will not forget as time goes on since favorites can change so rapidly):
Food: It totally depends on the day - but noodles, eggs, and monavie gelpacks seem to be his favorites right now. He's picky and doesn't seem to share my love for veggies... yet. (I am an optimist)
Toy: Balls - he can't get enough of them. He doesn't even care if it's a ball. If it is in a round shape (like an apple) he has to have it. The problem with apples is, he wants to throw them all over, then randomly pick them up to have a bite. (I know, gross)
Favorite activity: Playing with buttons (not the kind on coats, but the kind on computers, TV's, stereos and the like). If he pushes a button and nothing happens, he is looking for a plug to put in the wall. He also loves swings and slides, flushing toilets, "helping" me unload the dishwasher, sitting on the island in our kitchen (I know it's bad, but for some reason he eats the best while sitting up there), and running.
Most odd favorite activity: pushing strollers - we went to the coolest park this summer. It had everything a kid could hope for. And yet, all Weston did for the duration of our time there was push his stroller around and around.
Noises: grunting and hooting. Hooting is much cuter than grunting, mostly because the grunts can get pretty loud and desperate sounding. He grunts when he wants something that he can't get himself, which is like every 5 minutes.
Favorite object: Balloons. He is obsessed with balloons. They give them to kids at Trader Joe's, so every time we go shopping there he grunts LOUDLY until he gets one. It is rediculous! Sometimes he continues to grunt even after he gets the balloon because he wants another one.
Favorite person: At night, mommy takes the cake - but in the morning it's all about daddy. As soon as he wakes up, Weston runs down the hall shrieking, "DAAAD!!" It is very sweet.


Janelle said...

Michelle, I scoped you out after reading the comment you left on my blog. I just wanted to say that you are a fun read. And your 'little bean' is adorable! What a cute family you all are!

The Kammeyers said...

Cute pictures, Michelle! I can tell what a wonderful Mom you are & how much you're enjoying it. :)

Angie Larkin said...

Oh these babies! Congrats on hitting nursery age!

Courtnie said...

Hey Michelle-y

Love it!

P.S. I have been getting very into everything holistic. I would really love to talk with you about what you know, which I know is a lot!

jenica said...

isn't it amazing how fast they grow up! what a cutie!