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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Athletic Shopping

Athletic Shopping should be a competitive event. I think it would be great for teenagers. You could put them in a store, preferably a department store with lots of sections, some full of breakable items. Each teenager would be in charge of one toddler, preferably a tired one - tired and all wound up. They would be given a list of items to find, all very specific so that it takes a good hour to complete without kids.
Then, anyone who completed the event successfully without injuring their assigned toddler (or anyone else's) could be a winner...

Forget safe sex. They wouldn't even want to take the risk after that experience. I think it would be an effective method of promoting abstinence.

Has anyone else had any insane shopping trips lately with their little one(s) besides me???
I think I ran like 20 laps around Steinmart yesterday chasing Weston! You know it's bad when your mom suggests getting a babysitter before shopping together next time! :)


Angie Larkin said...

Get a babysitter? Ha! Yeah, that must have been bad. I can't wait to do it with three next year. I had anxiety about it this year so I started in October. I also enjoy going out to Walmart and Target after the kids are in bed. I'm beat by the time I get home, but the alone time shopping can't be beat. Christmas shopping is definitely an athletic put me into preterm labor with Afton!

i said...

yeah...3 is a joke, unless it is costco.gotta love carts where 3 fit in and groceries do too! i feel your pain sista!

Lynette said...

That's too funny! I love the new target on Lake has a place to strap in two toddlers and the same basket for a carseat to fit. We love target for soooo many reasons! When i ask James what we should do today, he'll say "Go to Target"! Chris says I've totally warped him. Oh well. He'll make a great husband to shop with one day:)

Yes, do call me. It'll be so great to see you and Weston!!

ALS said...

So fun, my Mom is the same way, it's just more fun by yourself. We took three to IKEA today so I'm feelin your pain, fortunately my cute hubby was with us. It does get better :)Amy Thiriot Sorensen