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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Desert Snow makes for a Merry Christmas!

Even though it's been a whole week since it snowed, the turn in weather really perked me up and made everything feel like Christmas... here are a couple of pictures of the snow at my mom's house. This first one is my favorite. I had just been thinking how one of the blessings of living in Las Vegas during the month of December is that the roses are still blooming!! Weston just loves smelling the roses at Grandma's house.
I think this is the first time I've ever seen snow stick to the ground in Vegas. What fun! Ironicallly, I left house wearing sandals that day. :) Needless to say, I was slipping around a bit.

Weston loves to be outside, rain, snow or otherwise!And to think, just a week and half before the snow, we had this bright and sunny picture taken for our Christmas cards:I hope that each of you has a lovely, memorable, and joy filled holiday tomorrow!


i said...

i LOVE the family picture! good job on getting those out. :) wasn't the snow absolutely wonderful!?!?!

Canyon Girl said...

The snow must be so fun!!! A little different from the 90 degree California Christmas's, ha?

Love your family picture! It's lovely.

Courtnie said...

Thanks for the Christmas card! Hope you had a good one!

The Kammeyers said...

We received a ridiculous amount of snow in the Northwest over the holidays, and I'm thrilled to see that even Vegas got a little sprinkling! Nothing beats a wintry Christmas, in my opinion. :) Hope you guys had a wonderful New Year as well!