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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Summertime = Play. That is the formula I lived by as a kid. Weston seems to be following in suit, although I suppose "play 'til you drop" is pretty much his motto any time of the year.
I love it when he just plays until the point that he literally cannot keep his eyes open.
A few examples:

Have you ever been so tired that you fell asleep standing up?
Fortunately the kiddo had something to lean on. He was completely conked out. In fact, shortly after snapping this shot Weston literally fell over onto the floor, slightly hitting himself on the side of the coffee table! Even that didn't wake him up.My personal favorite happened the other day. After a long day of playing outside, Weston came in for dinner per usual. Not so usual, however, was the way he couldn't even stay awake to eat! This pic is pretty great - the unintentional display of "the finger" just kind of puts it over the top!
It was such a humorous display, I just had to catch a moment of it on video:

As you can see, the camera battery died mid-sentence. That's alright though, it still captures the essence of the moment. I love my cute sleepy little munchkin! (Although he was anything but sleepy at 5:30 this morning - something I could definitely do without.)


Amy said...

That is soooo funny. The finger picture is a keeper. That is one you will treasure always!!

Courtnie said...

Hilarious! I love it, especially the video!


Katie (and Ken) Baldwin said...

Once I managed to fall out of bed while in my sleeping bag (why was I sleeping in a sleeping bag in bed?) That bed was a good two and a half feet off the ground. When my parents came in to check on what the gigantic thump was, they found me snoozing away. I didn't even crack an eyelid when they hauled me back up there!

Sarah said...

Too cute!! He is darling! I hope you are feeling well!

Lynette said...

He is the funniest kid! I have to say that my kids play hard and then sleep well, but they have never fallen asleep standing up. That is AWESOME!!

Angie Larkin said...

So cute. It's so pathetic/adorable when kids konk out. Evan is asleep right now on the couch buck naked. I swear I dressed that kid.

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! so funny!

LillyBug Jewelry and Accessories said...

this is hilarious!!!!! too sweet!

Lisa said...

I went back to watch this again. So cute and funny! But why am I awake watching a video? I need to go to bed!