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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4th of July, and I always have. I love the celebration and fireworks, I love the get-togethers and the food that goes along with them, and well, when I was a kid I loved the Summer, too, which made the whole thing perfect!
As much as I would love to pontificate upon the meaning of the holiday (which adds an entirely different set of reasons why I so love Independence Day), I will forbear for now. After all, I do need to make dinner in a few minutes!
This year the 4th of July was mostly a hot, miserable, stressful day for me, but we sure did have a good time in the evening! One advantage of having a husband in the fireworks industry is the obscene quantities of fireworks we get for free. Of course, TNT only sells "safe and sane" fireworks, which can be a little lack luster... but when you've got 10 fountains going off at one time, well, things get a little more entertaining! Case in point:
Another perk of being a fireworks "insider" is having access to product that cannot be sold, because it didn't pass testing with the fire department... generally because it's not considered either "safe" or "sane." Nothing too dramatic ever happens though, as we keep a constant water supply nearby. The man loves what he does... but seriously, what man doesn't get a thrill out of setting things on fire and watching them explode?
Jason especially enjoys the fireworks that go haywire, particularly when they go much higher than they're supposed to... although with so many going off at once, I can never tell which ones passed inspection and which ones didn't...
Weston had so much fun! Every time people would "ooooh," or "ahhhh," or say things like "wow," he joined right in - mimicking what the family was doing. It was very cute!
He was definitely impressed by the whole experience. Unfortunately the flash on our camera seems to be disabled, so the only way I could take a decent picture was by the light of the fireworks... here is Weston with his sweet Aunt Shae-Leigh. And, I think this is my favorite firework picture of the night... but who knows, I took WAY too many!Next year we are going to throw a party - it just seems like a waste not to share all the fun with more people!


Amy said...

That is a pretty cool display. I think every guy LOVES the 4th just because they get to play with fire. They never grow too old for it!

Weston is so stinking cute!!! I can't wait to see his sister...

Katie (and Ken) Baldwin said...

Wow! That was impressive. Your son is just precious, by the way. What a sweet smile.

I went to a Tea Party in your honor - I figure that as an American Studies major and a patriot, I had better start standing up for my country more often, just like my friend Michelle! And yes, it was boiling and I hadn't brought anything to drink, so I can understand why you had to pass up the opportunity just this once. ; ) When are you due?

The Kammeyers said...

Wow, looks like quite a show! Glad you guys had fun! :) What does your hubby do in the fireworks industry?