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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 Decorating the Tree

I can't remember the last time we bought a Christmas tree from a lot - that is because almost every year we get a tree up by Bear Lake, where my brother lives. This year my mom was kind enough to bring us ours since we didn't make it up there. Oh how I love the smell of a mountain tree! As soon as I put the skirt around it, Sophie cuddled up on it as if it were a fuzzy blanket. Weston quickly followed suit, telling me several times that it was a "comfy skirt!" I absolutely love hearing all the silly things that come out of his mouth since he's started talking these last few months. It was so much fun decorating with the kids.Normally I am very concerned that the tree appear balanced, with all the ornaments spread out properly, but I quickly realized that such perfectionism was a lost cause! This picture illustrates my point perfectly:
This little duckie is Weston's favorite ornament because it says "baby's first Christmas 2007" and he knows that it is especially for him. He loves it so much that he wanted to hold it and play with it, but I knew it would get lost if I let that happen. The day after we decorated the tree he must have told me a thousand times how pretty it is! He is so sentimental... just like me.This bell ornament is from the year Jason and I were married. When Weston was about 15 months old (about the same age as Sophie now), my mom took us to Disney World where we each got one of these ornaments. It is such a fun memory, and I love that we got an ornament to remind me of it each year! (Reflecting back on it, and thinking of how wild Sophie is, I can hardly believe that we survived that 5 hour plane ride to and from Florida with little Weston when he was that age!)To top it off, Jason climbed up a ladder and put a bow at the top... I love having ribbons cascading down the tree!
Once the tree is up I always feel that the Christmas season is really here!


Mary said...

Sophie is adorable! I cannot believe how much she has grown!

And your family pictures are great!

i said...

My favorite thing about your tree is what jason said on facebook. :) cute.

Courtnie said...

I bet that tree smelled glorious! We have had an artificial tree for three years now, and I do have to admit I miss the nice Pine smell.

That tree branch with about 5 ornaments on it cracked me up! :)