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Friday, July 22, 2011


If you were to ask Weston what his favorite word is right now, it just might be "powerful." He describes many things as powerful, such as a baby lizard that is able to crawl under a rock without getting smashed, or his bones and muscles, the power of which truly impresses him on a regular basis!
The other night after getting out of the tub, I reached for the towel he used to use as a baby. I thought it would be fun for a change, and I love the little hoodie part. I told him that in that towel he kind of looked like a Pharaoh. Of course he wanted to know what a pharaoh is, so I said it was a powerful ruler. This was his response:

"You mean powerful like he can drink his apple juice straight, without any water in it!?"

Powerful means different things to different people, and apparently to my four year old it means drinking un-diluted fruit juice. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

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