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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Fourth

In the morning me and the kids went swimming at Jolee's pool... well, I can't say that it is her pool per se... but it is in her apartment complex, and it's lots of fun. Correction, it WAS lots of fun going swimming with her at that pool, but I wouldn't know if it's fun anymore, because she moved to Utah a couple weeks ago (a real tragedy, I must admit). Then we rushed off to Weston's first swim lesson of the Summer! Super fun. He did so great this year with his swim lessons. Every day he would dread going and tell me how much he hated it, but then he would have a complete blast and be grinning from ear to ear the entire time he was in the water. As soon as we left each day, he would go back to telling me how much he disliked it. What a funny kid! I'm really proud of him, though... his swimming skills have improved a lot.
Blowing bubbles:
His little swim class:

Weston loved his cute teacher:
In the evening, after rushing home from swim lessons, we got ourselves looking decent (read: I got myself looking decent, because let's face it, the kids are ALWAYS adorable) and headed over to President Shields' house (with Jolee, who was many miles apart from her hubby that day) where we sort of awkwardly hung out while Jason got all the fireworks set up for our show. President Shields was having a bbq at his house with some friends and graciously invited us over too... which was actually really nice. As we sat around eating, I realized that I should have brought swim suits for the kids, or at least for Weston, because all the other kids were swimming! Finally I just stripped him down to his undies and let him swim like that!

When we were finally ready for the festivities, we headed out to the street where Jason and his friend, Will, had been setting up fireworks for at least an hour. We had invited a few friends and family so Weston found his buddy Owen to sit with...
Sophie enjoyed the pretty lights but wasn't so fond of the loud noise...
It's virtually impossible to capture the fireworks well, but here is my attempt! What was especially awesome about this year is that there were like 5 aerial displays going on simultaneously all surrounding our own little show. It was nice!

I was actually in a couple of pictures, but I looked pretty gross by the end of the night, so instead I'm sharing a picture of two of my cute friends, Katie and Jolee!
And of course the kids were loving on their Auntie...
All in all, it was a successful, busy 4th.

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Lisa said...

Looks like a great time!! :)