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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet words

Weston never stops talking. Neither does Sophie. Some of the things that come out of their mouths are HILARIOUS! Sometimes as I'm busily putting away laundry or wiping a counter, I think to myself that while all this chatter is mundane and commonplace today, someday I will look back with fondness and affection and try to remember the sweet things that my little ones said!
I want to record more of their cute thoughts and words... so here are some recent funny moments:

After playing the piano for a few minutes, I asked Weston if he enjoyed the pretty music. His reply: "It reminded me of screwing a screw into some wood."

Earlier today I heard Sophie repeatedly (and emphatically) tell Weston that she needs to go to a meeting right now! When I asked her what kind of meeting, she said it was for church and asked if I knew where her high heels were.

Moments later I heard the front door open. As I turned the corner from the hallway to the kitchen, I beheld my favorite girl standing in the doorway with nothing on but princess panties and princess high heels, again insisting that she needed to go to a church meeting... I guess she's seen me rushing off to a few of those!

The other day we went to Springs Preserve to play at the playground there with friends. We went on a walk and looked at some of the signs that explain all about the spring that used to be there. Today, Weston must have told me a thousand times that he wished the spring was still there, and asked me at least 80 questions about how a spring works, how pressure can come from the earth to push the water up, and how the water goes away. He was extremely interested in the whole thing, to the point that it almost shocked me! I guess we'll be taking a trip back to Springs Preserve soon, this time to visit the museum!

Sophie wanted to say dinner prayer tonight. I reminded her right before she began to be sure and thank Heavenly Father for our blessings. She said, "Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for daddy, daddy, daddy!! And please bless the taco salad..." It was so cute! Later I asked her who her favorite person was, and she said it was brother.

Tonight we had tithing settlement at the church, and Weston got to pay tithing for the first time from the money he earned this year. We had just discussed at dinner where the money goes that we pay in tithing, but when Bishop Perkins asked him if he knew what it was used for, Weston looked at me and whispered, "I forgot." Later I asked Weston how it made him feel to pay his tithing to the bishop to which he simply replied, "shy."

For some reason Sophie calls butt cracks "butt tracks." Why a little girl is talking about butts at all, I do not know... although it may have something to do with her 4 year old brother! She knows that I laughed the first time I heard the term, so sometimes, like today, she just jumped around repeating "butt tracks" over and over again...

Today when we went to pick Weston up from school, Sophie ran up to the chain-link fence to greet her brother on the other side. When he saw her, he enthusiastically ran up to her, stuck his fingers through and said, "kiss my hand," followed by, "you are my best friend, Sophie!!" I LOVE that they love each other so much!
Right now I can hear Weston watching Dora (a rarity in our house) and saying, "Swiper, no swiping!"


Lynette said...

Your kids are so cute Michelle! We need to get our kids together!

i said...

your kid is hilarious!!! :) so aw3esome to record it all!

Megan said...

I love this post, but I'll confess my first thought was, "Well, I hope MICHELLE doesn't rush off to church meetings dressed only in princess panties and high heels!!! Let's hope that part was Sophie's variation..."

Your kids are precious. :)