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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Emotional, Fun Day

Today I miss my mom so much.  It just hit me when we came home this afternoon.  Today was the last day of school, and I just really want to call her and tell her about it, then go over to her house and watch Weston's kindergarten DVD together.  I want to talk with her about how fast the kids are growing up and how smart they are becoming.  I want to hear her telling them how proud she is of them, and watch their faces light up at her words of praise and encouragement. I want to tell her that Brighton got his fourth tooth this week, is already scooting around and loves to play with my toes!  I want her to be there to see him try his first food soon, and to be amazed together at how big he is getting.  On Saturday he will be 6 months old!  How is that even possible!?
I also want to tell her about all of the sweet and amazing things people have said to me and done for me over the past three weeks.  I want to tell her all about my birthday, and how Jason took me to her favorite restaurant and actually managed to surprise me!  I want to tell her that while we were there I walked past the table where we had eaten together several years ago on her birthday and I remembered that Carrot Top had been sitting behind us and randomly sang happy birthday to her!  I want to tell her that my friend, Katie, was my birthday fairy this year and totally took care of me along with so many others!
It already feels like so much has happened since she left, and I haven't been able to talk to her about it all!  I want to tell her that I finally know first hand what it's like to literally feel the power of people's prayers carrying me. I know that she already knows all the important stuff, but there is something so therapeutic about talking together.  Just like Heavenly Father already knows the truest thoughts and feelings of our heart, but we still need to communicate with him.
Today I received a gift in the mail from my Aunt Sharon, who helped me make it through the first 2 weeks after mom passed away (or as Aunt Sharon and I like to say...after she got "promoted").  She sent me a beautiful mother/daughter necklace set for me and Sophie.  The mom pendant is the outline of a heart, and the daughter one fits inside.  The both say "I will always love you."  In the birthday card she wrote: "I know you will always think of your special mother-daughter tradition on this day.  My gift to you is all about the mother and daughter bond you have with Sophie.  I know that you will carry on to be an amazing role model for her as your mom was for you."  Her note got me thinking about how my mom taught me how to be a woman!  Her words made me realize how thankful I am to have Sophie.  Somehow, having a daughter with whom to carry on some of the special traditions that I had with my own mom soothes me and brings me joy.  It also made me think of the special bond that Sophie has with my mom.  Almost every day Sophie tells me how much she misses her grandma and wishes she could talk to her.  I hope that bond that she formed with her grandma at such a young age will somehow have a special influence on her throughout her life.

As much as I enjoy writing my thoughts, dinner is calling me....or rather, the people who want me to make dinner are calling me. How great it is to have a sweet family to serve.
Here are some pictures from playing today at the splash pad after school:
 Brighton had a pretty good time just chillin with his cute little belly hanging out!
 Sophie and Owen being silly...
 My awesome friend Jessica brought a zillion popsicles, which all the kids were pretty thrilled about!
 Two of my favorite people, Katie and Sandy...and the only friends that would cooperate when I said I wanted to take their picture!  Are they cute, or what!
 Weston hanging with his Kindergarten buddies!  You can tell this one is posed, but at least they all stood still for a moment. :)

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Sandy Buffington said...

Wow. My son is totally backing his thang up. Sorry Sophie! :) and sorry Jason