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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Busy - Mid June

This Summer, so far, can be summed up in one word: BUSY.  I am so busy and apparently forgetful, because at the end of the day all I remember is that is was a blur, that I worked really hard, and that I hope I can accomplish more the next day and have a little more patience with the kids (or maybe when I wake up the next morning my children will somehow be infinitely more well behaved?)
I guess every Summer is the same way, but I still look forward to it and somehow expect it to feel like a break despite the fact that it never is.  Case in point: I am so busy that I am only now sitting down today for the first time at 11:20 pm! I am determined, however, to document our life because these kiddos just keep on growing, learning and changing...and I want to capture the memories.
So, here are some of the things the kids have been up to:
Brighton has ventured into the world of real food...although he's still not sure what to think of it!

He was definitely more interested in the plate than the avocado.  He also wasn't sure what to make of the new texture in his mouth!

Eating egg yolk was a similar experience, although he seemed to be in a better mood (it must have been because we were watching Goonies)!  On a separate note, the kids loved Goonies!  And really, what's not to love?    Weston has subsequently become a little bit obsessed with pirates and has even drawn several maps to lead us to pirate ships.  After asking about 3 million times if I know where some pirates might currently be, I think he has finally given up. 
Back to Brighton...he also just began crawling on the 19th!   He is barely 6 months old and already crawling.  I can hardly believe it!  My mom would be so proud. :)

 My sweet Grandma Knapp lives in Wisconsin and has never had the opportunity to meet her great grand-children...however, she has made each of them a special blanket when they are born.  Brighton's is a beautiful butter yellow and oh so soft...unfortunately, he just wants to shove it in his mouth right now since he is teething.  Did I mention that he has FOUR teeth!?
 There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...
Here is Weston helping me make some butter.  I thought it would be a fun exercise to have the kids help me make butter with the hand mixer...I did not realize that it would take almost 40 minutes of mixing!  It was fun though, so that's what counts, right?
Now doesn't that look delicious!
Since we didn't really celebrate Mother's Day this year (that was the day mom passed away), Jason and I decided to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day together.  He had the kids each pick me out a little gift from Target.  They got me some yummy smelling candles, and he got me a new crock pot, which was greatly needed.
For some reason I didn't get any pictures of our Father's Day festivities, but we went out for breakfast buffet on Saturday morning which is our tradition.  Jason LOVES breakfast buffet! 
Now that it is Summer, the kids resort to some pretty silly activities to entertain themselves, including (and especially) dressing up all crazy. 
And dancing around...
Weston is very interested in the human body and how everything works.  He drew this wonderful picture from an anatomy book then asked me to label it for him (I didn't point out to him that this picture includes both male and female organs...what he doesn't know can't hurt him, right?) He ended up giving it to his good friend, Jansen.
Just general craziness happening here!
Girls camp was the second week of June.  I wasn't able to stay the whole time, but Brighton and I did go up for a visit one afternoon for a few hours.  I am so thankful for my friends, Jessica and Katie, that let Weston and Sophie both play at their houses while I was away.  I am beginning to understand what it is like to rely on friends more since I have neither my mom or mother in law around to help out as they have so much in the past (Jason's mom moved to Utah about a year ago).  I am just so thankful for friends that I trust enough (and who are so generous and willing to help) that I can have the kids stay with when necessary!
Here is Brighton when we got up to Mount Charleston...boy was that mountain air ever refreshing!  It was almost chilly (a welcomed change, I assure you).
It was so much fun to hang out with these awesome girls...and they didn't mind having Brighton around one little bit. :)
Poor, neglected baby (note sarcasm)...
I swear my friend Sandy looks like she could be one of the young women in this picture!  It is a fantasy of mine for someone to confuse me with a young woman one day...yeah, I know it'll never happen...maybe if they just thought I was 25?  I could settle for that!
My wonderful friend Mellissa and her family just moved to Idaho.  Before their move, some other great people planned a shin-dig at the park to say good-bye.  I struggled to get a good picture of Weston and Sophie with her two kiddos, but that's ok because I will do another post with some pictures of them playing recently.  
Here they are...Weston, Ansley, Sophie and Brodie (who was seriously burnt out on having his picture taken at this point, can you tell?)
Ansley and Sophie were really hamming it up in their pink swimsuits and sassy personalities!  Such cuties.
I have realized that during the summer, we must go on at least one outing every day (sometimes many).  One day, however, I didn't.  The kids were going crazy as I attempted to clean the house, so finally I put a workout video on to try to burn up some of their energy!  Of course, they found something to fight over during the workout video...this is Sophie telling me all about the many injustices perpetrated on her by her villainous older brother (again, note sarcasm)!
I just found it a little hilarious that they (especially Weston) were so into the workout...

Later they decided to make their own wallets...where do they come up with this stuff?
This is Weston displaying his wallet...which is basically fabric glued together.  He spent the next several days showing it to everyone we saw (and I DO mean everyone)!! 

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Holy cow! You are such an amazing writer. I loved Weston's anatomy picture. What an amazing creative mind he has!

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