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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last Sunday (8/4)

On Sunday Sophie gave a little talk in primary about prayer.  I had her tell me what she wanted to say, with just little guidance (of course).  The part in parentheses she didn't actually say, I just wrote it down to remember because it was funny. :)
Prayer is our way to speak with Heavenly Father. When we pray, we fold our arms, close our eyes, and be very reverent.  We thank Heavenly Father for giving us freedom, giving us love and giving us blessings like our family!  Then, we ask for his help too.  We can ask Heavenly Father to help us be obedient and make good choices.  We can also ask for him to keep us safe and give us comfort when we are scared.  When I am afraid to go to bed sometimes, I say a prayer and Heavenly Father helps me know I am safe.  He sends the Holy Ghost to comfort me (and Santa when it’s Christmas).  I am thankful to know that I can pray any time.  I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus love us.  I know that prayer is important, and will help us return to live with them.  I am thankful that Joseph Smith prayed to find out the truth.  I know that we can always pray to understand the truth and be happy. 

This talk was special because Grandpa Glass was able to come and hear it!
Since it wouldn't be appropriate to take a picture in the middle of church, I decided to take a couple of pictures while daddy was helping her practice (and with Weston being her audience) before church.  I just knew that toy microphone would come in handy some day...

 Sophie did an excellent job on her talk!  That night, I took these two of the kids hanging out in Weston's room.  They fight like crazy sometimes, but also love nothing more than to play together!

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