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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eight Months Old!

How can it be that my precious little baby boy is getting so big!?  I can hardly believe he is now 8 months old.  Here are a few current facts on Brighton:
*     He weighs 24 lbs.
*     He has 7 teeth
*     He has long, luscious eyelashes
*     He loves to grunt, yell, and make every loud, boyish baby noise possible!
*     He moves fast and has NO FEAR
*     He loves to clap, wave his arms, and "dance"
*     He LOVES to watch his brother and sister...the crazier they act, the more excited he gets (uh-oh)!
*     He puts everything in his mouth, and I do mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. (plant leaves, rubber bands and bits of paper seem to be his favorites)
*     He loves to take baths and vigorously splash water all over the place!
*     He will smile for just about anyone
*     He loves music, especially when someone sings to him
*     Unless asleep, he is virtually always on the move
*     He is standing up and walking along furniture, and often tries to let go and stand on his own!
*     He is patient with the kids, who sometimes accidentally maul him while trying to "cuddle"
*     I call him my little "Bugaboo,"  Jason often refers to him simply as "chunk" and sometimes "the professor." Sophie tells us to call him "Boo-gee," but both of the kids most often call him "goo-baby."
*     We ADORE our little handsome sweetheart Brighton.  He brings us all so much joy and happiness!!

My mom would so thoroughly enjoy Brighton's adventurous little personality.  I am so thankful she got to spend a little bit of time with him.  I feel her close at times and know she is enjoying her grandchildren ~ watching them progress and shining her approval and love on them...which gives me so much satisfaction and peace.  I am a blessed lady!


Megan said...

That is lovely! I used to post a month-by-month update on my kiddoes--I think I did two for Eliza. I feel so guilty! And Eliza loves paper, too. She's eaten portions of several bills and my shopping lists.

i said...

What a healthy little baby boy his is. Smiles all around!!!

Madeline said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! Those blossoms were a dream come true. I love looking at the pictures! Your kids are adorable! I can tell you are such a loving mother. They are lucky to have you!