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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sophie's Princess Tea Party

Sophie had quite a special birthday this year! We did a princess tea party, and it was so much fun! I am not super crafty, as you know, but I was really thrilled with how my decorations turned out.

Our friend, Amy Ramsey, did this gorgeous cake.  That woman has talent!
I used a lovely lace tablecloth my mom gave me a few years ago that she bought in Mexico, I believe.  I had never used it, but immediately knew that it would be perfect for this occasion!
I also used some of my mom's beautiful silver.  I love this tea pot set.  It totally makes me think of my classy mom, who got it out on many special occasions and holidays through the years, from the time I was a little girl. 
Jason also worked hard on preparing for this party.  I wish I had taken a picture of the invitations that he helped design.  They were fancy and pretty, and we rolled them up like scrolls, sealing them with wax.

Sophie was excited for many reasons, one being that I let her wear a little pink lipstick.  I like the disgruntled look on Weston's face in the background of this pic...for some reason it makes me chuckle!
Oh, and I also painted her nails...
Check out these beautiful "cake pops" that Jason made...he used special limited edition watermelon flavored oreos!  Everyone always thinks that I am the one doing these creative things, and as much as I'd like to take credit, I have to admit my husband is pretty awesome at parties!
I also used this lovely china tea/dessert plate set from my mom.  I absolutely loved using these beautiful items of my mom's.  This was her kind of party!  And it made me feel like she was a more involved part of the festivities to use her china and silver.

I got a little carried away taking pictures of the birthday girl!  I really wanted to remember this birthday...and for her to look back on it and remember as well.
My handsome little "prince" was such a gracious host...every time someone would ring the doorbell, he would answer it by saying in his most proper and formal voice, "welcome to the royal tea party!"  He would then laugh uproariously. Such a silly man!

Most of the princesses have arrived...
We began the party by making princess jewelry, which the girls all seemed to really enjoy.  Weston even made himself a "pirate necklace" out of pearls...something a pirate would consider great booty, I guess.

Preparing the royal brunch...
Jason really went all out (as if that surprises anyone)!  The delicacies included cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches, nutella and raspberry jam, strawberry cream cheese with sliced strawberries on raisin bread, roast beef with horseradish, pate with fancy mustard and red onion, smoked salmon and cream cheese with an olive on top, fruit, tea biscuits and fancy punch.
Father and son - two handsome men!

Jason was quite the attentive server, and I was very impressed with the manners of all our sweet guests!
Enjoying the food...

We had a little "dance party" between the food and the cake, but none of my pictures really turned out.

Opening presents...this particular one turned out to be a watch from Curtis, who could have never known that Weston had been begging for a watch for weeks. When he saw the watch, he immediately burst into tears!  It was almost embarrassing.  Poor guy. Curtis, being ever generous, took Weston out later on to get him a watch too!

Sophie is one lucky girl...she got so many toys and gifts that she plays with every day, including this tea set from Jason's dad. 
And Brighton just keeps wooing us all with his handsome, charming little face!


Madeline said...

What a cute party!! You're such a fun mom :) thanks for your sweet comment! Glad I can be of some entertainment, especially for procrastination. I do the SAME thing. Right now I should be getting ready for school! Oh well!

Lori said...

Oh how I wish I could have been to THAT party! What a fun time for your beautiful little princess. I'm sure your mama was looking down with joy. Happy Birthday Sophie!!

Lori said...

PS~That cake is absolutely AMAZING! Sooooo beautiful!

i said...

Dang Michelle! What a fancy party! I bet Sophie was thrilled! Your mom would approve for sure! :)

Melly Mae said...

MICHELLE this party is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. You guys are the best parents. We miss and love you guys!!! Happy late bday to beautiful Sophie!!!!