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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cute conversations

This morning while lazily waking up, I felt a soft little hand caressing my face, and heard a loving little Sophie voice say in almost a whisper, "it's ok mommy, just go back to sleep..."
At this point, I had already been attempting to sleep for awhile, since Saturday is the only day that holds hope for any amount of sleeping in at all.  But it was 8:00, so lazy time was definitely over!  Then, for some reason, Sophie started talking about "passing out," which she said is kind of like sleeping.  Soon, I realized she was talking about mom.  She talks A LOT about the last time we saw grandma, and I guess it just takes a long time to process watching someone die, especially someone you love so deeply.  I can't blame her, I have thought about it way, way more than I want to admit.  We talk about grandma a lot, but I have noticed that Sophie will often often start talking about grandma dying at a time when I am also thinking about it...which kind of startles me because it is always out of the blue.  We must be on the same wavelength!  I wonder what it would take to keep that similarity of wavelength into her teenage years???  But I digress...

So, this morning Sophie wanted to talk about passing out (which is what mom did the evening before she passed away since her blood pressure was so low).  Sophie was saying it just means to sleep, because she saw grandma fall sleep...and then eventually stop breathing.  I began explaining to her that passing out is more than just sleeping, but suddenly I had no idea how to explain going unconscious.  She could obviously sense this, and said (while again caressing my face), "don't worry mama, just go back to sleep."  Jason, a silent observer of the conversation asked Sophie why she is such a sweet little princess, to which she replied, "because I love my mommy and daddy so much!"  Jason then said something about how that was why he was going to give her a pink corvette (what!?) one day, to which I obviously gave him a look...but since she doesn't know what a corvette is anyway, I guess for now we're safe.

Next thing, this little conversation ensued:
Jason (to me): "I wonder if so-and-so could sue so-and-so for slander..."
Weston: "What is 'slander?'"
Jason: "Oh, he's a guy I knew once from the Ukraine."
Weston: "Oh, did he have a pirate belt?"
Jason: "Yeah, actually, I think he had one very much like the one you're wearing."

We have these cute, entertaining little encounters with the kids almost continually.  They are growing and learning and thinking and expressing so many wonderful things, and I just wish I could remember more of the great things they say!  Here area a few memorable moments, some of them taken from facebook (where I often record such moments):

Me: "What is your favorite thing about watching The Other Side of Heaven?"  (because we watch it literally every Sunday.)
Sophie: "Oh, I like it because Jean gets married!!"  (Which happens like the last 30 seconds of the movie...this is just another indication of her obsession with getting married!  Do all little girls do this?)

Sophie seems to think "gak" is a unit of in, "I had three gaks of soup tonight!" She's been using the term for awhile now. I know I should correct her, but it is just so cute!


Sophie wants to be the good witch from the Wizard of Oz, Glinda, for Halloween. Weston, however, is trying to convince her to be "Glinda the gangster."  
While picking out her shoes for said costume, Weston was actually very helpful.  He seemed to have a good sense about which ones most accurately portrayed the look and feel of Glinda.  He told me to get rid of the other shoes, because this one pair just had "the spirit of Glinda!"  He repeated it several times, because he felt so sure that those were the best ones.  I thought it was hilarious that he explained his observation by saying that they had the "spirit of Glinda," lol!

I heard Sophie crying and asked what happened:
Weston: "Um, I just moved her skin a little with my foot."
Sophie: "He stepped on me!!"
Hello Ladies!
Photo: Hello Ladies
Sophie(4 years old): Dad, I will pick a good boy to marry.
Me: What???
Sophie: Dad I'm gonna marry a prince, you know.
Me: Let's just focus on getting through preschool.  
Jason (to me): "Why don't we have a song? You know, one that only reminds us of each other?"
Me: "Probably because we don't like the same kind of music..."
Jason (jokingly): "I guess there's just not enough love in our relationship"
Weston (matter-of-factly): "It's because you don't have enough PIRATE LEGENDS in your relationship!"
Tonight after watching The Little Mermaid, we discovered plastic forks in Sophie's hair! Guess she thought she'd try out a dinglehopper and see how it worked. 
Sophie: "I am helping Weston rebuild his fort. He really loves me when I do this! His heart is just beeping love for me!"
I can always tell what Disney movie Sophie is into based on the name of her favorite baby doll. Her name used to be Rapunzel, but now it's Flounder (go figure)!   
Me: "Sophie, I don't want to have to take away your 'Little Mermaid' video!"
Sophie: "It's not a video, mom, it's a MOVIE!"
And that is when it occurred to me that she doesn't know what a video even is!
Sophie getting ready to pick her reserved copy of The Little Mermaid.
Photo: Sophie getting ready to pick her reserved copy of The Little Mermaid. 
Jason: "Stop yelling, Weston!"
Weston: "I'm just in that phase of life, dad!"
20 years ago today, at the age of 15, I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was far and away the best decision I have ever made! Every good and meaningful and significant thing in my life has been shaped by that one important choice. I am eternally thankful for all of the people who helped me to take that courageous first step, and the many amazing and beautiful people who have been true friends along my path ever since!! 
Me: "Sophie, why did you take your ponytail out at school?"
Sophie (non-challantly): "Oh, I like to wear my hair down because that's my special glory."
I have no idea where she heard that, but I thought it was so cute!!
In some homes, you have to be careful where you put your shoes so the dog doesn't get them and chew on them. In our home, you have to be careful where you put your shoes or the BABY will chew on them!! In other news, he took his first small step this weekend and also began saying "mama!"
As we were reading scriptures together the other night, the kids asked about the meaning of what we were reading:
Me: "Well, in this part it's talking about some of the really evil people that did terrible things, and warning us to keep such evil things out of our society."
Sophie: "But mom, there's no bad people like that in real life, just in the scriptures."
Me: "Actually, there are some people like that now too in the world."
Sophie (with great drama and emotion): "But Heavenly Father is watching over us! He is protecting us, for REALS! I am SERIOUS!!"
I have taught her well. 
 I'm normally a little nervous with baby drivers, but Brighton is a very serious little boy. so I felt safe. #babydrivers  (Jason)
Photo: I'm normally a little nervous with baby drivers, but Brighton is a very serious little boy. so I felt safe. #babydrivers      
First Day of School (First Grade)
Happy birthday to my sassy, bright, sweet Sophie. I cannot imagine life without her loving, lively, sparkling personality! I wish my mom were here to celebrate with us...but who knows, maybe she will be. 
In her prayer this morning, Sophie said the following:
"Please bless Brighton that he'll never throw up again, and that when he grows up he will be a good man."
Weston: "Mom, I want to add something to my chore chart...something I need to do every day."
Me (intrigued): "What's that?"
Weston: "I need to learn about pirates and practice drawing pirate ships so I can get better and better at it, even though I am already so good at maybe that can be the first chore I do today. Will I get paid a nickel for that?"
Weston (shouting at me through the bathroom door, where I had hoped for 15 seconds alone): "Mom! I want to take a bath right now!"
Me: "We are about to have lunch, why don't you just wait until after you eat? Why are you in such a hurry?"
Sophie (shoving her Rapunzel Barbie doll through the crack in the bathroom door): "To baptize this little lady!!"
Well, I guess the time has come to have that talk with the kids about how inanimate objects don't need!
Me: "Please close the door, Sophie."
Sophie: "But mommy, Weston is the one that opened it!"
Me: "Well, you are the one close to the door right now. Weston does lots of things for you, too. We are a family, so we all help each other out."
Sophie: "Actually, mom, we are a TEAM!"
Well that works too. I guess my usual lecture involves telling the kids that we are a team. I'm just glad someone has been listening! 
My kids right now are playing "missionary." They are dressed in their Sunday best, with missionary tags on and backpacks is really cute. 
This is the conversation we had just now after watching The Other Side of Heaven:
Sophie: "That is a moving movie."
Me: "Did it touch your heart?"
Sophie: "yeah"
Weston: "It didn't touch my only got to my lungs. My mind wasn't very open this time so it only touched my lungs."
Me: "Who ever finds the remote will earn a quarter!"
Weston: "I would prefer a dollar, actually."
You don't say...
Sophie: "mom, did you ever have a boyfriend when you were a teenager?"
Weston: "yeah, mom, what was his name!?"
Me: "well, the first boy I dated was when I was 17. His name was John."
Sophie (bursting with enthusiasm): "you mean like John the Baptism!?!?"

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