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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer has begun!

The first day of Summer vacay, we went to the park and splash pad down the street with some friends and had a great time. I didn't take any pictures that day, but the next day, Friday, we headed down to Henderson to meet up with the Abbotts at a really great park there. We always look forward to seeing the Abbott gang, and I am so thankful my kids love to visit them as much as I do. Rachelle and I have known each other for 17 years!! 

I shot quite a few pics of Brighton exploring the park.  The one place I did not get a picture of him playing was a particular water feature that he gravitated to again and again...this kid is ALWAYS on the's a wonder I get any pictures of him at all!  

Forever thing I have noticed about Brighton is that no matter how much something scares him, he does it over and over again.  I love the tenacity and courage, but I wish he were a *little* more cautious!

This kid is always pointing. He is forever excited about something new and pretty much never stops moving. 

Here are Weston and Flint having a great time together...

When we had been at the park long enough, we all went back to the Abbott's house to play/visit for awhile are Sophie and Savannah, who generously shared her nail polish...too bad she didn't have more colors to choose from (note sarcasm)!  Sophie and Savannah are both ALL girl...

Saturday morning I went to the annual Children's orchard sale where you stuff as many clothes as possible in a bag and pay $5 for it.  I always find great success at the sale, and this year was no exception.  I wish I would have taken a picture of all my loot.  I got 10 pairs of shorts, 10 shirts, 3 skirts, 2 perfect summer onesies, one pair of leggings, one pair of shoes, and one adorable little baby overalls all for $20!  I am pretty thrilled with the adorable clothes I was able to find, especially for Brighton.
That evening we went out to eat with some friends and had such a fun time.  I am so thankful to have had an entire week of fun for my birthday!
When Monday morning rolled around, I think we were all filled with the excitement of the first full week of vacation...Sophie put on this fun little get-up, which I thought was picture worthy.  Lately she has been extra focused on the concept of modesty.  In fact, on Saturday she was jumping around the house, boisterously  declaring, "I'm hottest, because I'm modest!!"  Of course, I'm pretty sure she had no idea what "hottest" actually  means in that context...and hopefully we can keep it that way for a while longer!

I think what has really made this first full week of summer feel officially like vacation is swimming lessons.  They are LOVING it! 
Sophie really does not like the water on her face though.  I'm hoping she'll get over that this year, since it is kind of hard to swim without getting your face wet.
Again pointing, Brighton really enjoys watching the kids in the pool...although he would much rather be IN the water with them.

And oh how exhausting it is to be out in the sun!  Yesterday Brighton fell asleep on Sophie's leg after we got home.
He really is a handsome little devil...
Running around the piano bench at full speed, I'm pretty sure I don't know how this picture even turned out! 
This munchkin is always on the move...
We are off to a great start!  I love having time to study scriptures in the morning with the kids, being able to sleep until the baby wakes up and just generally feeling that I am not on someone else's schedule. We have a lot to accomplish and learn this summer, but I am just thrilled to have the change and a little freedom!

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