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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saturday afternoon at the park

Yesterday we just had to go do something outside, because it was such a beautiful day! This entire Winter has felt more like Spring, and yesterday was no exception. Weston had just purchased a football with some of his birthday money and wanted to play catch with dad...but it wasn't long before everyone else - especially Brighton - was in on the action. Although Brighton has rarely been around football, we have noticed that he is extremely drawn to it.  He once saw it on the Wolff's TV when we went over to their house and he was instantly mesmerized.  Then, when he saw Weston's football on Friday afternoon, he practically went ballistic!  Needless to say, everyone was, it is a rare treat for dad to come to the park!

We can hardly believe how grown up Weston is looking.  I got a few great pics of him playing too...

Sophie had just as much fun running around, rolling in the grass, and picking dandelions...

I think we had all forgotten how much fun the Butterfly Park is.  The kids had a blast on all the play equipment, too.  We finished our fun family day with a trip to Target, some home-made nachos grande, and a movie we had never seen - The Book of Life. Weston was disgruntled that we didn't watch Indiana Jones or another favorite, but it was fun to watch something new (although he will disagree).  Mainly, I just love it when we get to spend the day together! 

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Mellissa said...

I love seeing your blog posts, Michelle!! Miss and love you and your beautiful family!!