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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weston's birthday week and baptism

Sometime back in December I had a moment where I was completely overwhelmed with emotion, realizing that Weston would soon be turning 8.  I was strongly impressed that I needed to begin preparing for and thinking about his baptism, and I suspect this was largely to give me time to process the deluge of emotion attached to such a significant occasion!  As every parent knows, a milestone in your child's life is also a milestone in yours.  This is definitely the most important event to take place in our family since my mom's death, which certainly added to the emotion of it all.  Because there were so many special things going on the weekend of his baptism, I hadn't really planned anything for Weston's birthday (which was the Tuesday before).  
Suddenly, on Monday morning, I realized that I had darn well better figure out a way to make his day feel special!  I called Carrie (my sister in law, who always has great ideas) who suggested doing a scavenger hunt.  Although it seemed like way more work than I was interested in doing (because I had just come off a long, exhausting weekend), I decided to give it a try.  I was so proud of myself for being creative!  I made a fun scavenger hunt leading Weston all over the house and back yard until he finally came to his first birthday gift, which was hidden in the piano bench.  I also did a little decorating (thanks to my friend, Katie, who bailed me out last minute with a banner)!  Jason was out of town on business, so I couldn't very well run down to the store and grab a few decorations with Weston in tow.  I also wrote happy birthday all over the mirror in his bathroom, and had another small gift sitting on his seat in the car waiting for him.  I was amazed at how thrilled he was at each small thing I did, and even more amazed at the way he thanked me over and over again!  He also got chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and Sophie decorated his eating area with little blue and gold flowers (fake - from the craft closet), which was very thoughtful since those are his favorite colors.  He won't admit it, but I actually think he sort of liked the flowers. 
Brighton and I came to lunch that day at school, both to bring cookies to Weston's class in honor of his big day, but also to see Sophie, who had been chosen the Queen of Lunch!  She had been chosen because of her excellent behavior.
I couldn't seem to get a real smile out of Weston until one of the cute little girls in his class suggested that he give his best "Indiana Jones" smile.  It worked!  Of course, his arm is also awkwardly positioned behind his head because of pretending to use a bull whip, but other than that, it's a pretty good one:
After I picked the kids up from school, we came home to quickly grab a snack and head for the park.  It was so exciting to realized that we had been heart attacked!  At first I thought it was just for Weston, but it seemed to be for the entire family, which was certainly heart-warming.  It is amazing how such a small act of kindness can lift your burdens and make you feel better about life.  I was feeling so burdened that day, even though it was a happy one!  Sometimes being mom means making the special occasions special no matter how stressed or worried or overwhelmed you are feeling personally.
Next, we made our way over to the fun HUGE park on Craig.  I thought it would be miserably crowded, but it totally wasn't! I had surprised the kids with bubbles, including this little battery operated bubble blower, which of course they couldn't wait to try out.  It is amazing how much anticipation and fun can be purchased for $4! It was a beautiful, perfect day for the park.

My kids could spend ALL DAY on these slides!

After the park, we headed straight to the church for Weston's first day of cub scouts.  He loved it!  I was so happy that he loved it.  He's been looking forward to that for a long time.  After scouts, we had In-N-Out for dinner, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled to not have to make food that night!! It really was a great birthday.

The next day, Jason came home from his business trip. We had arranged for Grandpa to come and hang out with Sophie and Brighton so that we could take Weston out for a special dinner alone with mom and dad. Sophie and Brighton didn't feel left out because they got to eat pizza and watch a movie with Grandpa, so it was a win-win. Weston had never been out for sushi, and that is what he wanted to do.  We were more than happy to oblige!
After a truly delicious dinner, we headed over to Deseret Book for Weston to pick out his very own scriptures (something he had been anticipating for years)!  He picked out the hard-cover kind, and was extremely happy with his choice.  We had his name put on the front, and he was downright thrilled.  He was so excited to read from his new scriptures, that the next night he began reading in Matthew 25 for his homework (he has to read 30 minutes a night).  Amusingly, that particular chapter also led to a discussion about the meaning of the word "virgin."  At this moment, Weston understands a virgin to be an unmarried woman, which is certainly a sufficient definition for now. I know it is only a matter of time before his probing, scientific mind demands more answers about the birds and the bees.  But thankfully, for now we are good!
On Friday, family and friends from out of state began to arrive!  Grandma Laurie came over Friday evening bearing belated Valentine's gifts for the kids. It was sweet, and they loved it!
This is Great-Grandma Rosemary, who shares a special bond with Brighton since they have the same birthday (82 years apart)!

The next day began bright and early! Jason and Weston had to be at the church by 8:30 to get ready.
The program was beautiful, and afterwards, I was able to snap some pictures with a few of the people that had come to support Weston on his special day.  This is Weston's teacher, who has been such a great influence on him this year.  He also gave him some Indiana Jones books as a gift, and I have to say that Weston has never been so excited to read!
Here are Alayna Abbott and Lisa Phillips, who did a lovely musical number.  Lisa plays guitar and they both sing like angels.  It was perfect!  Esther and Hope decided to hop in the photo at the last minute...
I realized that I didn't want this to be an occasion where I was mysteriously missing from all the photos, so the very talented Rebecca Mathews helped me out with pics!
3 generations of Glass men...
So proud of my boy!
Cousins: we attempted to get Brighton in this picture, but he was too wild to be entreated at that moment...
Weston looks up so much to his Uncle Mike.  He really wanted him to give a talk at his baptism, and Mike was happy to oblige. 
Grandmas and uncle Chris...
After, we headed back to the house for some food    
(because what is a special occasion without yummy food)!?
Apparently, Esther and Sophie headed straight for the piano...

Waiting to eat...
Jason with David Shinost and Alayna Abbott.  He loves these guys (and so do I)!
I didn't actually realize that this balloon from grandpa was personalized for Weston until downloading pictures to the computer!  I think it looks pretty awesome.
Brighton agreed!  We ended up having to let it float up near the ceiling where he could no longer reach the string.
I had a lot of help getting the food quickly put out on platters and looking lovely!
Nicole Hafen is in the primary presidency, and we were thrilled to have her with us that day!  And of course, what would I do without Carrie?  Words cannot express how thankful I was for everyone that came to be with us that weekend.  Our joy was magnified by being able to share the special occasion with so many we love!

Hope and Emma Olsen - such sweet girls!  I am so glad they were able to spend a little time with us that day.

How I love my friend Stephanie!

Weston and Hope in the play house...
Eating outside is SO much more fun! 

 I never cease to be amazed by the frenzy of excitement among children who are waiting for someone to open a present!  Although Weston's birthday had been well celebrated, we decided to have birthday cake and open presents while everyone was there on Saturday.
Cute kiddos!

I find it amazing that these two actually looked at the camera at the same time and smiled!  What a darling picture of my precious nieces.
Brighton was pretty happy chilling with grandpa...

Snuggling with Grandma (and simultaneously posing)...because that is the Sophie way!
A look of pure contentment!  Then again, who isn't happy while opening a pile of gifts!?
Much to Weston's delight, it turned out to be an Indiana Jones kind of birthday! He was so excited about the fedora that he took it to show and tell the next week.  He was surprised and a bit disappointment that none of the other second graders in his class seemed interested in it. Most kids aren't interested in fashions older than their grandparents, I guess. Weston always has had different interests than the other kids his age.  I have always liked that about him!

 Weston and I got a complete (gluten free) cake all to complaints here!
Grandma Laurie, enjoying that super chocolatey cake!

Sometimes Aunt Carrie has all the right tricks up her sleeve...or maybe just a cool app on her phone.  Either way, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that Brighton's silence (in this one instance) was not actually a sign of mischief! 

There are few things that warm the soul like a house full of happy guests and a ton of good food!  After a few hours, everyone had left besides Mike, Carrie and their girls.  Carrie and I decided it was a good time to go through mom's jewelry to find some gifts from Grandma Ruth to Lily, Ester and Sophie over the next few years.  It was relaxing and always makes me happy to look at mom's things...especially when I get to see them being enjoyed by her grand kids!  We decided to let the girls play with some of the more indestructible pieces.  They loved it!

These two were devastated to say good-bye to each other the next day!
Early Saturday evening, we got a surprise knock at the door. Imagine how overjoyed we were to see Jaime Wolff!  She had spent more than twelve hours in airports trying to make it to Vegas! She wasn't able to make it for the actual baptism, but it meant the world to us that she had come to see us just the same.  We had such a great time visiting, as though no time had passed at all since she moved to Florida. We wished we could have seen Jeff, too, but he was with us in spirit. :)

It was so hard to say good-bye, and Jaime was last person we had to say good-bye to.  Sophie told me after she left, through her many tears, that it just wasn't fair that she had to say good-bye to Lily AND Sister Wolff on the same day!  To her, it was an out-right crime!  Sophie has such a tender heart, but fortunately this little super-hero is usually around to make us all laugh (and keep us on our toes)! These jammies from Grandma Laurie were a big hit!

For all of my anxiety and stress over Weston's baptism, I can honestly say that it was all rather successful!  It was a special occasion that we will never forget!  I am truly thankful for everyone that shared it with us, and especially for the monumental effort made by everyone who had to travel  (Mike and Carrie, Grandma Laurie, Rosemary & Mark, The Olsens and Jaime).  Our hearts are truly full!

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