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Monday, November 24, 2008

Super Bean

As some of you know, a few family members sometimes refer to Weston as "the Bean." Jason started calling him that when he was practically the size of a bean, and since, many variations of the title have emerged. A few of these include "cutely bean," "sweet bean," "baby bean," and even "beanie weanie." Well, tonight Weston became SUPER BEAN!You know little hooded towel thingies? Well, a lovely family friend made one for Weston when he was first born. It was so big I figured it wouldn't be the right size for at least 10 years. (slight hyperbole)
Well, Weston has entered a new age where he hates post-bath dry off time. I was getting flustered the other day trying to manuever his squirming body out of the bathroom when suddenly I remembered the cool hooded towel that Sister Swan made. He LOVED it!! I still had a hard time tackling him down to put a diaper on, but at least he was happy.

Because it looks kind of like a cape, the term "Super Bean" was born. Although, I must admit he looks more like Mother Theresa in the picture below! Super Bean is definately a water baby. Sometimes I let him play in the kitchen sink while I cook just to keep him occupied and happy. He would play there for hours if I let him!

Last Sunday I plopped Weston on the counter (again to keep him happy while doing something in the kitchen). I didn't realize that I had plopped him right next to some left over cold spaghetti that I was going to warm up for myself. When I saw him dig his little hands in the meat and sauce, I could hardly believe it. He just started eating right out of the bowl with his fingers.
Now, I realize that the scene I just described would be a nightmare for most moms. Letting your toddler sit on the island of the kitchen eating cold leftovers with his hands and making a huge mess in the process - not a mother's dream come true.
However, if you knew how many months it took to get this kid to eat ANYTHING, you would understand the joy that filled my heart when I saw Weston stuffing his face with glee! I didn't even have to coax him. It was wonderful!
I may not be teaching Weston the best eating manners, but at least he's happy, right? (I don't sound like a hippie do I?)
The other way he loves to eat is sitting at the big table on a big chair! He's so tall that it actually works (although I only let him do it once in a while).
I am so thankful for this little munchkin. He fills our lives with so much joy... (and exercise, from chasing him around so much. Sometimes I wonder, with so much exercise, why am I not supermodel thin by now?!?)


Amy said...

There is something about the little silver thing on the sink. Thomas loves it, too. He still plays with it!

Angie Larkin said...

What is it about diaper's and getting dressed? I swear I break a sweat everytime I get Evan dressed. So glad you are enjoying your little guy. I love those hoodie towells. They look so cute in them.

i said...

love those towels! soooo....when he "helps" do dishes, does he drink the sink water like anna??? he's getting so big!