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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Good Times Just Keep On Rollin'

Where do I begin?
I know I had some ideas for a brilliant blog post this morning, but after chasing Weston around the backyard, cleaning him up, and putting him in his room - where he is currently whining for me to let him out - I'm feeling pooped both physically and mentally.
It is amazing how much more energy it takes to do simple tasks when you're lugging around a huge belly, and when your body is working so hard to grow the baby! I tell my husband on a regular basis that although I still seem like wonderwoman (ha ha ha), he shouldn't expect as much from me because with all the work my body is doing, it's pretty much like I'm climbing a mountain for 9 months! Pretty good, huh? I read the comparison in a pregnancy book once, and have to admit that I may possibly be guilty of quoting it just a few too many times. :)
Truth be told, I have not been getting enough rest (which doesn't help) - and this heat is killer!! However, this last week (Wednesday the 3rd) was my birthday, and I must acknowledge the amazing blessing that befell the valley - a blessing that couldn't possibly have been a coincidence... markedly cooler, even delightful weather for a few days!
Now I'm back to roasting again, and thought I had better post some things before I get dangerously behind. While the good times do keep rollin' - as the title of this post suggests - Jason and I have been extremely busy. Here is some of what we (and when I say "we," I mostly mean Weston) have been up to:
Eating raw onion... don't ask me why, but Weston likes raw onion (and frozen asparagus too). We were making an omelette, and when we put the remaining onions in the pan, he started crying! How rude of us to take away his Saturday morning raw onion snack. Seriously, what kind of parents are we?Talking on the phone... nothing new there. He makes quite a variety of facial expressions while chatting it up. It's really pretty amusing!Riding his Harley around the backyard and playing with/torturing grandma's dogs:Speaking of dogs, my mom recently got a new black lab named Leon, who is sweet and very well trained. Weston loves him too...Shae-Leigh came to visit over Memorial Day weekend, and everyone had fun giving Leon a bath - although I think Leon enjoyed it best of all.
When Leon was all clean, Weston gave him a big kiss. Weston loves to give kisses. It kind of grossed me out at first the way he kept kissing the dogs. But then I thought about all the many things kids do to get germy, and realized that this was one battle not worth picking! Choosing his own clothes... Weston has become very insistent about what he wants to wear, and unless we're going to church and he wants to wear shorts, I pretty much let him choose. For some reason, the kid really loves sweaters. For this very reason, I had gathered up all his winter clothes to be stored so that he would stop wanting to wear them! Well, he found the pile of winter clothes, grabbed what is possibly the warmest sweater he has, and pestered grandma until she put it on! (Did I mention he was wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath?) Then he ran and played outside in the 95 degree heat like that!
What a nut. (In case you are wondering, I did make sure at least that he drank as much water as possible!)Weston's life pretty much revolves around playing in the back yard as much as possible... it makes me wonder how I will survive without it! He is so much more content and occupied than he used to be... which frees me up to get more done. (Although it also provides many more opportunities for mischief!) Sometimes Weston just plays and plays until he is so pooped that he can barely stand up:I look forward to the day when Weston can take piano lessons... he just LOVES the piano! (Like his mommy)And for those of you who didn't feel sorry for me at all the last time I posted a picture of my pregnant self (not to mention any names - Angie :), I will have you know that I have now entered the phase of uncomfortable largeness... even Jason (who usually gets excited with me about new clothes purchases) told me that he just couldn't get thrilled about the new pregnant "frock" I brought home the other day. I think my massive stomach is interfering with his ability to appreciate my excellent fashion sense! Maybe I should throw in the towel and just wear moo moos for the next two months.
Nah. I did manage to find a pretty cute swimsuit. If all else fails, I'll just wear that!!


Amy said...

I would totally wear a moo-moo if I were pregnant in the summer. Go for it!

Looks like you guys have been having fun!

i said...

blessed be the back yard...for your sake! so glad he's got a spot. good luck with everything!

Courtnie said...

Wait a minute, isn't the very name "Moo-moo" enough to keep us from wearing them? I mean, what says "Moo"?. . . Exactly.

Lexi also is getting particular about what she wears. She has to wear a dress as often as she can and has to wear her sparkley princess shoes everyday! Drives me crazy sometimes!

Weston is very photogenic! You get some great pics of him.

Have you decided what you are going to name your little girl?

Happy Birthday, by the way!

monica said...

Michelle! I'm surprised people even wear clothes in such a hot climate. Just remember, the road through pregnancy is paved with ugly clothing. Good luck with your journey.
I am due on June 23, but I'm sure I'll go at least 5 days early, like I did with my last 3.