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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Lizard

This morning Jason found a fun little surprise curled up in the corner of the bathroom. We thought it would be fun to put in a jar for a few minutes so Weston could see it up close without it running away.After a few minutes of observation, Weston took it in the back yard to let it go find its family. He carried the jar ever so carefully until...
the lizard made a sudden movement - which startled Weston, who dropped the jar!
Upon release, it ran happily (and VERY quickly) away. It probably had post traumatic stress syndrome after being dropped to the ground in a glass jar! (Don't call PETA anyone)


monicarawhouser said...

I miss lizards. They are so plucky and quick little things. If a child happens to catch one, there isn't the worry of a rabid lizard, unlike the squirrels here in Minneapolis, heaven knows where they've been.

Lynette said...

Love it...and talk about calling PETA, check out what happened to our lizard Hahaha. Well even worse, our newest pet!

Canyon Girl said...

Cute! I would have jumped too. I'm not good with fast moving reptiles! Although, lizards are good luck.