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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Proud Pooper

I am so proud of this little guy! (Not just because he is a sweet big brother.) For months we have been working on potty training. Yes, I know. Some of you are thinking I am a moron for dragging it out. But hard core is not my style. I know Weston not just because I'm his mom... but because he is just like me! And one thing I know about us is that we WILL NOT be pushed!!

So, I've taken a laid back approach to potty training. When Weston's interested in using the potty, we do. When he's not, I just put a diaper on. Don't get me wrong, I've done a little pushing. But for the most part, I've let him progress at his own pace. He pooped in the toilet like a big boy for the first time about 3 weeks ago. We made a huge deal of it, but then it seemed like he still didn't quite get it.

This week he has seemed to turn a corner. He has pooped in the potty every day (not to say that we also haven't had several accidents too)!
But today was the best of all. Why, you ask? Over the past months I have told him almost every day (and on some days, many times) that when he needs to go, he should come to me and say "poop!" (He doesn't say a lot yet, so I figured this would suffice) Today, it FINALLY happened! He came up to me saying "poop," over and over again. We quickly went to the bathroom, where he hopped up on the toilet using the brand new red wooden stool we got last night, and sat there while I frantically started cleaning the bathroom. (You've got to make the most of each moment, right?) I didn't know if anything would really happen, maybe just a tinkle. (By the way, it does occur to me that those of you without kids are tuning out about now - that is if you even began reading this post to begin with!)

But to my pleasant surprise, and probably for the first time in my life, I was thrilled to smell POOP! Hallelujah! He did such a good job. It was a satisfying moment as a mom. Months of teaching him what to do with virtually no result, and suddenly, ka-bam! It finally sunk in!!
Here he is with his long promised and much anticipated reward... jelly beans - 5 to be exact. He is holding on to them with an iron grip!Weston was elated, too. He bounced gleefully around the house for at least a half an hour... which is why this is the only non-blurry picture I was able to get. What a proud pooper!


Amy said...

I took the same road when potty training Thomas, and now Clara. If he was interested, we gave it a shot, if not...oh well. Sooner or later they get it.

Way to go Weston!!!

Courtnie said...

I took the non-chalant way with Lexi at first and then got a little more determined. But it still took a good while. I started her too early.

Hooray for you and Weston!! :)

Rachelle said...

Funny how excited moms can get over poop! I'm glad he is getting it.

i said...