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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My friend, Megan, wrote a post of her confessions. I wanted to leave a comment on her blog about some of my own, but realized that the list was way too long for a comment.
So, here we go:

1. Although the endless blathering about the environment makes me want to go bury plastic jugs in my backyard and chop down a tree, I feel guilty throwing a ziploc bag away. We reused everything possible growing up, and it just does not seem right to waste things that can be reused. However, sometimes laziness overcomes me... or maybe it's just exhaustion!

2. I am slightly offended on a permanent basis that my husband does not think my eyes are my best feature. He does, however, love the one part of my body that I have spent most of my time loathing, which leads to confession number three...

3. Until I got married, my butt was the bane of my existence (or so I thought)! Every outfit I ever wore was concocted to create the illusion of a smaller derriere.

4. I, like my friend Megan, always correct people's English in my head. I can't help it - it is automatic. I can't stand it when I am writing and can't seem to remember a rule of grammar or punctuation. For example, I am always forgetting where the punctuation marks go when using parentheses. This REALLY bothers me.
As a side note, I knew it was time to come home from my Spanish-speaking mission when I heard myself ask the question, "did they went yet?" Even writing that makes me shutter.

5. Once in a while when Weston is doing something naughty, I pretend not to notice so that I don't have to deal with the screaming and flailing that usually accompanies punishment. I know that if he knows that I know (did you follow that?), then I MUST punish him so that he learns. But, if he thinks I never even saw... well, then at least I wasn't inconsistent in his mind!

6. If I think I may have hurt someone's feelings or said something to offend them, I will stew about it for days.

7. I enjoy watching iCarly with Weston. I know it's a tween show, but I think it's both clever and cute, and even downright funny!

8. Sometimes when those emails go around where you sign your name in petition of some new horrid political initiative, I get all squeamish. I have actually wondered if the government is going to collect my name and information and store it on some secret enemy list, then come after me and my family one day. I know, this is absurd.
Or is it?


i said...

i confess to igrnoring things so they don't know i know. lazy...but don't "they" always say, "choose your battles." i sure do. ;)

Angie Larkin said...

I love me a good confession post! P.s. I put lotion on Afton after baths, but not on Evan. I also think she gets her teeth brushed more. I need a coat to put over my head now.

Jill said...

Well, I can't get started or I'lll never get anything. Okay, one confession: I have very little self control and give in to impulses and compulsions way too easily!
Oh, and Elder Watson's conference talk on temperance was for me!
I enjoyed reading your today!

Megan said...

Michelle--I LOVED this post! Doesn't it sometimes feel good to tell the world, "Hey, world!!! Look what I do! Shocked yet?"

I was going to put down one confession that sounded wrong no matter how I put it. Once, when Karl and I were first married, I was really annoyed with him over something. I stewed about it all day, and by bedtime, I was so worked up, I couldn't sleep. Karl, of course, fell alseep right away, much to my annoyance. How DARE you sleep when I can't!!! Anyway, I was so irked, and none of my loud huffs or nudges woke him up, so finally I reached over and yanked out a piece of his hair so he'd wake up and talk to me about things! Am I not a totally bad wife?!? It sounds horrible, but I still look back and laugh. Of course, when he woke up with a start, I denied ever having touched his head. Bad, bad me.

p.s. Your kids are so incredibly cute it hurts to look at them! And isn't it mortifying beyond belief when you make a grammar mistake?!? Especially when you write a whole uppity blog post about it, and then your mom emails you to say, "Quick! Second paragraph down! You missed a letter!" Humility, meet Megan.

Lynette said...

Oh Michelle. You make me laugh! Loved your confessions!!!

Rachelle said...

I loved this post! It is always nice to hear that other people do or feel things different than the "norm". Sometimes I hate the "norm" because far too often I miss that boat! I totally understand the grammar thing and the comment made by Megan! I hate making grammar mistakes and always find myself mentally correcting others. . . .only to find a blaring error of my own. . . . .humble pie is a constant entre' served at my table.

The Kammeyers said...

LOVED the confessions, Michelle! I remember you talking about the "bane of your existence" during our college days, and I always wondered what the big deal was - Isn't it so wonderful when husbands love those little things about us! :) Also, I'm totally with you on the grammar correction habit! I have a dear friend who's a TERRIBLE speller (hopefully she's not somehow reading this), and as much as I love her blog, it pains me just as much to see the multitude of grammatical and spelling errors. Yikes! :(

Anyway, hope you're having a great week so far!