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Friday, October 9, 2009

Beautiful Baby Lady

Oh how we adore this precious little lady! Here she is looking very serious as she models a darling sweater that my mom's cousin knitted for her. Isn't it perfect on her?The kidletsWeston can't seem to get enough of his little sister... sometimes he has to contain his excitement to avoid hurting her. I thought this picture pretty well captured that dynamic!Nothing like a swing to produce sweet dreams...Look at those cutely pursed lips!Sophie is a sheer pleasure... I often wish I had nothing else to do but hold her and love her all day!


i said...

I just love those toothy grins!!!! So adorable.

Courtnie said...

She is an angel. So sweet and divine! I love her cheeks and her pretty pretty eyes!

BTW, my sister Celeste is 17 now.

Adriane said...

She is so cute!!! Love the chubby cheeks. Way to make those adorable kids!!

michellemcpherson said...

Your girl looks so much like you, so dang cute! I am loving your comments, you crack me up!