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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gifts from my hubband

Yes, I really did mean to write "hubband." Don't ask me why or how it got started, but at some point Jason started referring to himself as my hubband. I think it is the lengthened form of "hubby," but I am not sure. All I know is that it has now become a term of endearment, and since I am never more endeared to my loving husband than when he brings me gifts (he he he), I thought it an appropriate post title!
My birthday was back in June, but since that is Jason's busiest time of year, it is rarely celebrated in spectacular form (much to my chagrin). This year, I wanted something very specific. Well, Jason set aside a sum of money and has searched for the last 5 months for this particular item. Last Tuesday was the lucky day, and I couldn't have been more thrilled!
What is inside this gigantic box you ask?Not only is it the most comfie chair ever made, it is the only one of its kind I have ever seen that was made in this decade. You see, not only is it a cushy rocker, it both rocks AND swivels! Why is it so difficult to find a rocker/swiveler? This is the ideal nursing chair because if there's company I can just turn the chair around! And if I need to keep an eye on Weston (and seriously, when do I ever not need to keep an eye on that kid?), I can swivel around at will without interrupting Sophie.
They have chairs like this in every mother's lounge I have ever used, except they all look like they've been around since the 70's. I had almost given up hope that such a thing still existed, so when this chair was discovered - neutral color and all - there was no question that it was meant for me! Tonight as I sat rocking my sweet Sophie in my arms, I wondered how I ever got along without that chair. Then my thoughts turned to her. As she lay there all snuggled up to me, I couldn't help but notice the peaceful expression on her face, and think what a joy it was to bring such comfort to this little angel. I thought of how she will grow up and one day become a mom herself. It occured to me that she will work hard, and that her life will likely be a busy balancing act, just as mine is now. I love to talk to my babies when no one is around, so I took this occasion to share my thoughts with her. I told her that she had plenty of work ahead in this life, but that for now she could just rest in my arms.
I'm sure there was a day when I sat down to relax without thoughts of grocery lists, things to be cleaned, projects to be finished, books to be read, and problems to find answers to - but I can't remember when that was. Probably before I became a mom!
So while you can, rest little Sophie girl! Cherish these moments my sweet baby, for I can assure you that this blissful phase will not last long. Lynette took this darling picture when Sophie was only a week old. Already she has practically doubled in size!
To end where I began, I must admit that I am one lucky lady. I have an awesome hubband, too. He gave me these roses recently to remind me just how awesome he really is. (Or maybe he gave them to me to thank me for being so awesome?) Whatever the reason, it made me happy!


Lynette said...

OHHHHH! Love that chair. Where did he find it!!!! Oh awesome. And you TOTALLY desreve it!!!

Amy said...

What a great post.

Awesome chair! You mean you didn't want the kind that they have in the nursing lounges at church???

Jill said...

It IS hard to find the perfect nursing chair. Usually, if they have all the features, they are hideous. Yours has style too! When I'm back in the market, I'll want details!

Rachelle said...

I have to say I enjoyed sitting in your chair during my last visit! Great find. I love to talk to my babies too when no one else is around

Lisa said...

Michelle, Beautiful post!

#1- Love the chair! I never did find a chair I liked when I was pregnant/nursing. Settled on one that was just adequate...

#2-Would you believe I call my hubby my "hubband"?!!! I really have no idea where it started for us either, but I'm sure it started shortly after we were wed. It's totally an endearing thing for me, too.

#3- You totally made me misty eyed about sharing your thoughts with your darling, Sophie. "I told her that she had plenty of work ahead in this life, but that for now she could just rest in my arms." Such beautiful words, Michelle. What an amazing Mama you are! :)

Angie Larkin said...

Hubband. Ha! What a great chair. I have a rocker/swivler...but it is not nearly as fancy and cooshy! You look so radiant and happy Michelle. I'm glad things are well. I still get a kick telling your birth story to people!

i said...

it's beautiful!!!!! you deserve it. ;)

The Kammeyers said...

Haha. I loved your comment about the roses. I must admit, it's a win-win situation when Aaron surprises me with flowers (points for him being awesome, and points for me being awesome enough to get flowers). Either way, we both get something great out of it! :)

Mary said...

O, I love the Chair!

I need to turn away from others when I'm nursing! That is better than the blanket and better than showing the boobs.

I have never thought about that!