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Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's not all about me

I have so much to say, but as I sit here I realize that I REALLY need to do about 20 other things first - at which point it will be at least 11:30 and I will probably be too pooped to even wash my face before collapsing into bed.

I am a social creature. And when I am in a situation that limits my possibilities for socializing (like, for example, having two small children and living at my mom's house on the other side of town from every stay at home mom I know) I MUST blog. Even my husband recognizes a definite difference in my happiness level when I am blogging. Because, like many of you, I need to connect! I need friendship. I need to share what is happening in my life, and be there to care about what is happening in yours.

Blogging keeps me sane, too, because I love to write.

All I want to say is that I have SO much to say! And I miss sharing the daily tales of mothering that are amusing, endearing, and sometimes frustrating.

And while I sit here mourning the plight that is mine as an overwhelmed, unable to find time for blogging lady, it occurs to me that I am being rediculously selfish.

What I should be writing about is Garth Abbott, one of the coolest bishops ever, and a dear friend who I love for so many good reasons.

Because time is short, I will simply summarize: Garth has a very aggressive form of cancer and no way to pay for the outrageously expensive treatments he needs. His daughter in law (one of my best friends in the whole wide world), Rachelle Abbott, has an auction on her blog to raise money for his treatments. Please check it out. There are some awesome goods and services being auctioned.

Just click here to go to the auction!

Thanks everyone.


Rachelle said...

You are one of my best friends in the whole wide world too!! I know what you mean about blogging. . . .it keeps me sane and connected with people too. After the auction is over we have to get together or if you want to come hang out with me and endure the explsion of mess at my house and keep me company while I update the auction that would be fun too! I'd love to see you whenever it works out.

Megan said...

What a sweet thing to put on your blog. I'm headed over to the auction this minute!

And I know what you mean about blogging. I've moved six times in five years, and the longest I've spent in any ward since I've been married is two years. And EVERYONE says it takes at least a year to feel at home in your new ward. In short, I have no friends here in Draper. Literally none. Several people introduced themselves at first, but no one talks to me at church or at activities, and because we're in such a wealthy ward, I can rarely afford the weekly mommy activities in our ward (and nearly every mom has older kids, so most of the activities are out of our reach anyway).

And aside from a sister and sister-in-law in Provo and a friend in Lehi, I have no friends in this STATE. Blogging and email literally are the only means I have to reconnect with friends old and new!!! Is that not completely pathetic and lame?!? I really need to make more of an effort...but frankly, I'm tired. I want someone else to make friends with ME!!!

Courtnie said...

I may not be about you, but what about me?!? I wanna read some posts about you and your kids!

ha ha

I will look at the auction too.