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Friday, January 15, 2010

Bodo and Squish

When Weston was born, a new talent emerged from my husband. He became the most prolific nicknamer of all time! Weston had millions of nicknames it seemed - some of them ridiculously silly (and each having at least one little song to go with it). The one that stuck from the first year of his life was The Bean. Then, sometime after his second birthday Jason started calling Weston Bo-Bo, which immediately (though I still do not know why) morphed into Bodo. No matter how silly the nickname, Jason's inventions always stick - so now, for no particular reason at all, we call our firstborn son Bodo.
When Sophie was born, she seemed so regal and stunning that we called her Princess Sophie. Then Sophie Lady, or Baby Lady, or Lady Baby, or sometimes Sophie P. (for the record, Jason sometimes endearingly calls me Mit-chelle P. Mit-chelle, because the Hispanic people from my mission pronounce my name that way. Whenever I ask him what the 'P' stands for, he tells me "pretty." Who can argue with that?)
Well, a couple of weeks ago marked the start of a new era: the era of Squish. It was bound to happen. It comes from the movie Finding Nemo when Dorey says, "you are my squishy and I will call you squishy!" I believe she is talking to a jellyfish. At any rate, Sophie is endowed with rolls of delightful baby pudge, making her, well - squishy! Hence the name, again originating with my ingenious husband.
I wanted to share some beautiful shots of the munchkins, lovingly referred to as Bodo and Squish. Most of them were taken Thanksgiving weekend, when Sophie was 3 months old. (Wow, how the time is a-flying!)
These first three pictures were taken at only one week old:What a difference three months can make!


Lynette said...

Love nicknames! Sophie just gets more and more beautiful. We need to hit the park one day. The weather has been so nice!

Amy said...

IT is scary how fast babies get bigger. She is beautiful!

Megan said...

I, too, love nicknaming my kid! Together, Karl and I have come up with Little Bundle (shortened to just Bundle), Snuggles, CK1, Cameroo, Camerina Ballerina, Camino, Camoomoo, Buggaboo, Boo Boo Kid, Little Boo, Stinkerton, Stinkertonious, and Stinky, among other names. I really need to write all these down, along with all the songs we make up about her!

i said...

nick names never stick around here.
can i hire jason? j/k.

so clever of you! ;)

The Kammeyers said...

Blog update request, please? :) I'd love to know what's been going on in the wonderful life of Michelle! Big hugs!

Mary said...

Oh that last picture is beautiful!