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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three Years and Six Months

Time goes quickly, especially when measured by the growth of my kidlets! This last while (I use the word "while" loosely here) has been overwhelming. My lack of blogging has been a natural consequence of the state of overwhelm, so now my goal is to do a little catching up. Three weeks ago my dear grandmother came into town for a visit. The next week (February 24th) was Weston's third birthday and her 85th birthday.
We had a super fun family party, but it was almost impossible to get a good shot of the birthday boy... most of his pictures looked something like this:
We had a Cars themed partyWeston was pretty much thrilled with all his presentsThree great-grandmas were there:He was a pretty happy kid!It may have been Weston's birthday, but he wasn't the only one getting attention! Sophie reached her 6 month mark a few days earlier. I am still wrapping my brain around the fact that she is already half a year old. So, what's Sophie up to these days?
Playing with her brother's toys. Attempting to crawl...And melting our hearts with her beauty.


Lynette said...

Michelle...your kids are so darling!!! We need to get together again. Let me know when you are feelin a park day:)
sorry things have been crazy. Hopefully they will go a little smoother.

Megan said...

Nope, sorry. You must have calculated wrong, because I SWEAR your daughter was born last week and Weston turned 2 a month or two ago. I'm convinced time hasn't gone THIS quickly!!!

By the way, Camryn is currently promised to a young man, three months her junior, in Seattle, but if Weston's available in 20 years or so, he is more than welcome to marry my second daughter! We'd love to have such a handsome little man in the family. Let the great Glass-Taylor alliance begin!

Sarah said...

I can't believe Sophie is 6 months old already!?! Wasn't she just born? Seriously.

Your kiddies are sure cute! We miss seeing you guys every Sunday!

Mary said...

She is such a pretty baby! I cannot believe she's six months old either!
Hey and thanks for the food ideas...would you write me a list of snacks that you enjoy and send it to me....via email or facebook...when you have time? K?

i said...

Great catching up! What great pictures. :) I would love that track too!!!

p.s. can we reschedule for friday??

The Kammeyers said...

Great catching up on your happenings, Michelle! I hope your feeling less & less overwhelmed as the days go on. :) Glad you've been able to enjoy some fun celebration, though! And it seriously seems like Sophie was just born! She's the same age as my niece, and I feel the same way about her too. How fast they grow! :)