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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We moved about 3 weeks ago. Here are some pictures of the kiddos playing at the new house. For an explanation of what I mean by new house, you'll have to refer to the previous post.
Sophie loves the rocks outside... a little too much!I love how Weston's face shines in this picture - makes me think of Moses comin' off the mountain!Did I mention that Sophie is walking now? She's been walking for quite awhile - she almost runs! Love that smile!
I tell Weston he can watch a cartoon after he cleans up his toys. A lot of times he gets distracted playing with the toys and forgets about the TV altogether. I love it when that happens!Just lounging in front of the TV, texting her friends. :)Absconding with my headband - again

That girl is always on the go!


Courtnie said...

Praise the day, you're blogging again!!! ;) I've missed you! How is the new house? I bet you are in heaven, despite all of the unpacking and organizing stress that goes with it.

Your little ones are so cute and their smiles remind me of their mom. :).

Is Sophie even a year old yet? She must have started on the walking early! Good job, Sophie! :)

The Kammeyers said...

Woohoo! Glad to see you're back in Blogosphere, Michelle! I have definitely missed you too. Thanks for the update on your adorable little ones! I honestly think your little Sophie is a child prodigy - I can't believe she's walking (and almost running) so early. Very cool indeed! :)

i said...

I"m soooo glad the kids have their own place to eat rocks. :) I'm excited to see you.