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Monday, August 23, 2010

Because they inspire me

There is just something about a beautiful country road that makes me feel at home. Not all raods inspire me, but these do. This first one reminds me of childhood Summers in Missouri. This one just feels ancient, like if I go down that path I'll be going back in time. I wonder what those trees have seen over the years, and what stories they would tell if they could.Maybe I've just seen too many movies, but when I look at this picture I half way expect some creature to jump out of the trees.
I have been in the desert so long that I forget gorgeous places like this actually exist.
I'm no country girl, but I crave wide open spaces.
How I would love to take my kids by the hand and walk down a dirt road together. This last picture kind of makes me want to throw up, because I know that's what would happen if I ever drove down it! Isn't that thing insane?


i said...

so...those are real roads huh!?!? too beautiful. ;)

Megan said...

I absolutely LOVE pictures like those! Long ago, I had a pic of a road in Kentucky on my desktop (it looked much like your first picture). It was so dreamy, I couldn't resist using it as my desktop pic for inspiration (of course, it wasn't at ALL because I had a blazing crush on a guy from Kentucky). ;)

If you ever come a-visiting in Oregon and I happen to be home as well (gosh, I miss Oregon), there is an old highway running along the Columbia Gorge that would take your breath away. It feels like a green-tunneled fairyland, and it's bordered by an old stone fence that looks simply magical. In fact, our family found an old abandoned pioneer graveyard off this highway, with crumbling headstones hiding in the grass. Truly enchanting! I'll have to drum up some pics and send them to you. :)

The Kammeyers said...

I second the comments on the Columbia Gorge! (Couldn't help but notice anything Oregon related). We live merely a few miles from there! You should all come visit. :) Thanks for sharing these beautiful road pictures! Definitely thought-provoking.

Megan said...

Okay--I Googled "Historic Columbia River Highway" and there were too many pics to send along (they're ALL awesome), so just Google it yourself and feast your eyes!!! The road is so narrow you practically have to hold your breath to pass another car, but it's magical driving along it, spying waterfalls out your window and watching the mighty Columbia roll by. Gosh, I miss home.