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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He Liked It!

Yesterday was Weston's very first day of pre-school! We'd been mentally preparing him for this day for a couple of weeks, and we weren't really sure how he'd react once it arrived.
As you can see, his smile is a just a little forced. We tried to get him all excited to play with the other nice kids waiting there with us, but there was really only one thing he was truly excited about - and everyone there knew it!!
Who can blame the kid? That Spiderman backpack was one of the best purchases I have ever made. The thrill of wearing the backpack overshadowed all of Weston's anxieties. So although he walked off to class biting his fingernails, we knew he would be alright. (We also knew he'd be fine when we saw the class head straight for the playground!)
As it turns out, he really liked his first day of school! I took this video when we got home to capture the moment:


Courtnie said...

I am glad it went so well. Does Weston say more now? Kenny likes Spiderman too, although I think Westpn is a bit fonder of the web-slinger than Kenny is. :)

Was the iron supplement you took Floradix? That was the first one I took. It worked pretty good, although I felt a little nauseas taking it. Well, I get nauseas taking my prenatal tablet too. :(

The Kammeyers said...

Who wouldn't love a Spiderman backpack like that?! :) Glad Weston is enjoying school! Keep up the great updates, Michelle. Your blog is one of my favorites.

Sarah said...

Honestly, how is he old enough for preschool? Man, time flies. I remember when he went to nursery for the first time.

We sure miss you guys!