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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Son the Scriptorian

About a week ago, Weston discovered the word "why." Ever since then, he asks "why" at least 100 times a day. He'll say, "Hair. Why?" or "nonies, why?" (nonies is his word for "noodles") or "brush teeth - why?" You get the idea. There is no end to things he wants to understand, and although it is not always convenient to answer a zillion questions, I am loving it! After three and a half years of wanting to understand what goes on in the mind of my sweet son, these past 5 months have been amazing... especially now that I have the chance to explain so many important things and know that he is understanding and even repeating the things I teach him!

Today he picked up a Book of Mormon that had been laying on the kitchen table. He said, "Scriptures, why?" I told him that we read the scriptures to learn about God, and how to be happy. So he opens up the book, and directing his attention to Sophie who was in her high chair fussing, says, "Jesus Christs loves Sophie!" He said it over and over again. The rest of the afternoon he walked around with my scriptures pretending to read them. When I'd ask if he wanted me to read them to him, he would respond that he could read them "by self."

As I lay down with him before bed, he asked if I would tell him a story about when he was a baby. My mind drifted back almost four years as I recounted how he was born in a tub of water at Grandma Ruth's house. Sometimes I feel like I can barely remember him as a little baby. And yet, I will never forget certain things - like the absolutely consuming, powerful love and adoration I felt for that precious little life.
Exactly 3 years and 11 months ago today, I become a mommy. Here is a picture of Weston moments after birth (I am aware that I look terrible, so if you can just focus on him, I would appreciate it!)
About an hour after birth...And earlier this month at Disney on Ice:
How I love this little guy!


Katie (and Ken) Baldwin said...

Oh, my gosh! That picture of Weston as a newborn made my heart just overflow with happiness. What a wonderful family you have!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Do I remember that day - how cute the story about telling Sophie that Jesus Christ loves her. That Weston has stolen our hearts for sure. Love, Mom