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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weston's First Bike Ride!!

There are few milestones in early childhood as important as learning to ride a bike! Granted, Weston is not yet four, so this bike has training wheels... but this has been a much anticipated occasion! Although he got the super awesome Spider Man bike for Christmas, it was in a box waiting to be assembled for almost TWO weeks. Poor guy. I wasn't going to attempt it though, and anyway it just didn't seem right to do without Jason.
But finally the big day came... BIKE day! It was pretty thrilling.
How does one explain the emotions that a little boy goes through on a day like this? He was extremely excited, but he waited patiently and boy was it worth it!Shortly after learning how to ride, Weston began telling me that he thought he should keep the bike. He must have repeated the phrase "keep bike" 20 times! It was cute. At one point he fell and began to cry. We had him hop right back up and keep riding, and of course turned it into a little life lesson moment. (How do you resist an opportunity like that, cliche though it may be?)Sophie got jealous and wanted to try and ride on her little tricycle that is still way too big for her... we gave it a whirl but after a few minutes I gave up on that idea and just pulled her around in the wagon with Weston following along...Weston was so sad and disappointed when it was time to be done that Jason busted out some special novelty firework items to help distract him.The firework trick worked like a charm, as usual. (thankfully!)
Sophie being her cute, sassy little self


i said...

what a cool dad. busting out the fire to distract a disappointed child! i love that last one of sophie!

Amy said...

You're kids look bigger than they did in December. How is that possible?

Love Weston's Ghostbuster shirt. Perfet!