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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Package...

Grandpa Knapp, who lives in Nebraska, sent the most awesome package for Weston's birthday. It was so great that it deserves it's very own post! I feel the need to issue a disclaimer: although Weston appears disgruntled in these photos, he was actually just serious, and seriously stoked about the contents of his special package! (YES, I did just use the word stoked, something I probably have not done since 1998.) Item #1: Duplo Legos! Very cool... but what lies underneath in the great mass of white packing peanuts?
A card, two slinkies, two flashlights, 4 cars...and PLENTY of adult vitamins! As a child, my dad repeatedly took advantage of my trusting naivete by telling me that all candies (especially chocolate candies) were actually "adult vitamins," and that it would in fact be dangerous for kids to partake of them! I think I was 15 before I realized that chocolate dipped Keebler cookies and chocolate covered wafers really wouldn't hurt me! So I guess I missed out on some candy as a child, but on the flip side, its pretty great. Every time my dad sends us a package of any size, it is always surrounded by oodles and oodles of chocolate candy!! Adult vitamins for Jason and me. Sweet! Grandpa was thoughtful in that he sent 4 cars - two for Weston and two for Sophie. I let Weston choose which two he got to keep. Sophie didn't care which ones she got anyway... she was thrilled! Plus, they each got their very own retro slinky, flashlight, and little carrying bags they can wear around their neck, kind of like a lanyard. Kids love that stuff, you know.
Oh, and Sophie also had a special little bunny waiting for her in that big box! She was pretty excited to try out the flashlight, and for some reason she thought this would be a good idea... but not for long! Happy little camper!

The package from Grandpa was long anticipated, and it did not disappoint!!


Courtnie said...

I love love LOVE packages! They make me happy!:)

Lisa said...

What a fun package! And a happy (BELATED) birthday to your sweet Weston. He's getting so big!

The Kammeyers said...

Hehehe. LOVE the "adult vitamins" story. :P What a fun birthday package! I can see why it deserved its own post. Hope you're having a great week, Michelle!