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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things my children say...

Weston, it turns out, is a little boy with a LOT to say! He is constantly asking questions, mostly that begin with "why." Sophie naturally copies whatever Weston says, and therefore asks "why" about a thousand times a day (or so it seems). This morning while eating breakfast, Weston announced that he was going to the bathroom, eliciting the ever constant question from Sophie: "Why!!?" Apparently Weston is getting really fed up with Sophie's questions, because he bluntly responded that he was no longer going to answer her. I shot him a look like, "are you for real!?" He just said, "mom, she says why too much!"
I had to supress the laughter! I wanted to say something to him about getting a taste of his own medicine, but I thought better of it. Anytime I say a phrase that he doesn't understand, he asks a million questions about it until he fully comprehends the meaning... which can take a while when you're only four! It's actually a pretty great quality. Anytime I say something that he doesn't understand, Weston enthusiastically says "tell me all about it!"

So, as we were sitting at the table, Weston said that if he could get me any present in the whole world for my birthday tomorrow it would be "another stove." Really!? I was hoping he'd say something like an airplane, but I guess he was just trying to be thoughtful... although I don't think I've ever complained about our stove! What a funny kid. With a little more prodding he told me he'd also like to get me some pretty clothes. Then he specifically suggested a shirt that "maybe had some flowers on it." What a sweetheart! I love hearing his ideas.

Then as we were getting ready to leave for the gym (and after asking why I wear my "pajamas" to workout), he told me that I have a cute bubble butt!
He is such a funny boy. I guess he doesn't really know what a bubble butt is yet, or that it's not super cool to tell your mom that her butt is cute at all. I wonder where he even heard that term? Who knows.
Sophie has a lot to say, too. She runs around repeating pretty much anything. This little video is from yesterday...

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Courtnie said...

Lexi told me the strangest thing today (or was it yesterday?)about my bum. And yeah, it wasn't flattering. At least Weston called yours cute!

Lexi does the same thing where she wants me to explain every little detail and sometimes it wears out my poor little brain. I have to think too much with her around!!! :)